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To banner or not to banner?
There is some question as to whether banner ads are still an effective and worthwhile tool for webmasters.

How do you stay motivated?
Getting and remaining motivated for work can be a problem and can be a challenge for iGaming affiliates.

Social media followers: What's the point?
The relationship between online gambling affiliates and social media has seen its share of ebbs and flows over the years.

The GPWA: Pros and cons of opening affiliate links in new windows
When looking for the most effective strategies and tactics, affiliate webmasters very rarely receive a simple, clear-cut answer.
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Building the 'perfect' affiliate manager
There it is in black and white. The meaning of "affiliate marketing."

Some things I have learned as an iGaming affiliate
The GPWA community is made up of gambling affiliates with thousands of combined years of experience. Luckily, many of these industry veterans are always willing to share their thoughts and insights to offer recommendations and tips to fellow members.

Build your own website or pay someone to do it?
One of our newest members recently asked whether he should build his own website or outsource the job. He got lots of great advice from our more seasoned members, and thanks in large part to that advice, came to a conclusion on how to proceed.

We lost 60-70% of our organic traffic – what happened?
GPWA Forum members help a fellow webmaster diagnose and find a solution to a problem that caused his sports betting affiliate site to suddenly see a massive drop in traffic.
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What did you do before becoming a gambling affiliate?
GPWA Forum members reveal what they used to do for a living, including a former IT director and an officer in a criminal investigation unit in the Russian government.
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Keeping affiliates up to date
GPWA forum members discuss how affiliates prefer to hear from affiliate managers. (Spoiler: It's usually e-mail.)

How "social" do I need to be?
GPWA forum members discuss how much time affiliates ought to be spending on social media.

WordPress vs. Joomla: Can you love them both?
GPWA forum members discuss the pros and cons of the Web's two most popular content management systems.
Topic: Technology

For affiliate programs: How to update terms
Sometimes, affiliate programs need to make changes to their terms. GPWA members discuss how to do this without losing affiliates.

How do you like to be contacted by affiliate managers?
In general, GPWA members like their initial contact e-mails to be concise, personal and not too salesy.
Topic: Marketing

The future of the online gambling affiliate industry
Forum members discuss where they think the affiliate industry will be in five years, and make predictions regarding the fate of mobile gambling.

Tips for new affiliates
GPWA members chime in to give tips to newbies, especially on the site design front.

Time to end this free spin nonsense
GPWA forum members discuss problems with misleading free play promos.

The Gambling Recession?
GPWA forum members discuss the impact of the global economic downturn on the gambling industry.
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Are visitors searching for "Free casinos" worth attracting?
This issue's forum discussion finds affiliates offering different views on the value of players searching for free opportunities to gamble online.
Topic: Marketing

Always use rel="nofollow" for affiliate links!
In this issue, we take a closer look at the discussion surrounding the rel="nofollow" tag and its impact on page rank and search engine optimization.