GPWA Seal of Approval Program

GPWA Seal reflects webmaster trustworthiness
The GPWA Seal of Approval is awarded to gambling portal websites that meet our standards and that are affiliated with approved GPWA members who abide by the GPWA code of conduct.

GPWA seal awarded to 238 new sites since last update
GPWA program manager Anthony Telesca is proud to honor new and existing webmasters whose sites uphold industry standards.

199 new sites earn GPWA seal since last update
These sites have all been investigated and shown to uphold the GPWA's standards of excellence.

Program adds 217 new seals since last update
GPWA program manager Steve Corfman says it is "uplifting to see such sustained growth," and the program now includes over 2,700 sites.

GPWA seal program surpasses 2,500 milestone
The program added 225 new seals since the last update, bringing the total number of sites represented to 2,539.

GPWA seal recognizes honorable webmasters
With 369 new portals added since the last update, program manager Steve Corfman says it is "heartening to see so many new webmasters start off on the right foot."

GPWA seal program rockets to 2,141 sites
The program has added a whopping 920 new sites since its last update, indicating that "the industry is maturing rapidly," says GPWA program manager Steve Corfman.

GPWA Seal of Approval program now 1,354 strong
The program has added 193 sites since its last update.

GPWA seal program grows to 1,163 awardees
GPWA program manager Steve Corfman says the program's growth "speaks to a universal desire to demonstrate professional responsibility and to advance the expectations of the industry."

GPWA seal program celebrates 2 years, 1,075 awardees
The 1,000th seal was awarded in December, two years after the program's launch.

GPWA seal program continues record growth
The program awarded its 825th seal in August.

GPWA seal awarded to 700th portal
The program's growth has been rapid as the affiliate industry focuses on ethical business practices.

GPWA seal assures integrity in 10 languages
The most recently added languages are Croatian, French, Dutch, Greek and Japanese.

GPWA seal program reaches 609 sites, 43 countries
Webmasters weigh in on why they are proud to have the GPWA seal on their sites.

GPWA seal program reaches 550 sites, 42 countries
GPWA program manager Steve Corfman says, "This milestone provides an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments achievable when integrity is placed at the center of our work."

The GPWA seal program has now reached 475 recipient websites across 35 countries!
GPWA program coordinator Kim DeForest reports, "It's a great feeling knowing that this program is something that our members believe in."

GPWA seal program expands reach
The program now includes 415 recipient websites in 35 countries.

GPWA webmasters inspire trust
The seal has now been awarded to 350 gambling portals in 29 countries.

GPWA seal shows honor knows no borders
The program now includes webmasters from 23 countries in 6 continents, and is available in multiple languages.

200 seals and counting...
The 200th seal was awarded to Paul Kulhavy of