GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 42 - October 2018

Illustration by iQoncept/Shutterstock You’ve no doubt heard the proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.” Speaking from experience as a father, there is a lot of truth to this popular saying. I also see many parallels to the iGaming affiliate busi- ness. Because, just like as a parent, where you are wise to lean on friends, family, teachers and others to help bring up your children, as a successful webmaster, you are smart to take full advantage of the perspectives of others in the industry. Having said that, our 42 nd issue is chock-full of valuable advice, such as the best marketing practices for your business (see the cover story on page 22), tips on how to negotiate the best affiliate deals for your website (see the “Let’s Make a Deal” article on page 32), and how to stay productive on those days when the motivation meter is on low (see “From the Forums” on page 40). We also sit down with three affiliate webmasters and a pair of affiliate managers, who speak about their past experiences, successes and failures. All told, the authors and subjects of these articles have hundreds of years of experience in the business. They’ve ridden the highs and lows, and they’ve had a front-row seat for the dramatic changes in the industry we have all witnessed over the years. As with every issue of our maga- zine, we hope thematerial in the following pages serves as a useful and entertaining resource, and that the GPWA community continues to play a vital role in the “upbringing” of your business. This issue will be available at the Lisbon Affili- ate Conference (LiAC) in Portugal in October and the Summit of iGaming Malta (SiGMA) in November. The GPWA will be exhibiting at both events, so we hope to see you there! Finally, if you’re not already a subscriber, visit a nd sign up for your free subscription. Sincerely, Michael Corfman LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR Executive Director: Michael Corfman Program Director: Anthony Telesca Program Manager: Maria Florides Membership Manager: Richard Bard Member Services: Nancy Troy Marketing Director: Andrea Mullaney Managing Editor: Gary Trask Copy Chief: Clare Fitzgerald Associate Editor: Daniel Ippolito Designers: George Choi, Zoran Maksimovic´ SUBSCRIPTIONS For a FREE subscription to the GPWA Times Magazine , visit ADVERTISING To advertise in the GPWA Times Magazine , please e-mail: 4