GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 42 - October 2018

WALL OF SHAME Photo by Ken Wolter/Shutterstock And even though we doubt it, what if GVC were to come out and offer affiliates opportunities in the U.S. market? Will webmasters be OK with that, or will they balk? Will they go running back to GVC like dogs returning to their vomit? Only time will tell. And, not to pile on, but MGM wasn’t just making satanic pacts and sacrificing chickens over the summer. It was also busy sealing a partnership with the National Basketball Association. You remember the NBA, right? The associ- ation that fought hard against sports betting reform for years, then rode the fence on the issue, then supported the issue as long as it got a piece of the action? Yeah, that NBA. And now, MGM is its “official” gaming part- ner. The league says this partnership will bring fans, andMGMguests, exciting and new opportunities, and the NBA boatloads of cash. (OK, we made that last part up, but we all know it’s true.) So, yes, it’s been quite a few months for good old Leo the Lion. And for its efforts, the gaming conglomerate has found its way onto the famed APCWWall of Shame. Wel- come to the club! One of the major headlines coming out of the U.S. over the summer was the deal MGM Resorts International made with Satan Inc., lovingly known to most of us iGaming webmasters as GVC Holdings. Yes, on the heels of the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to abolish the Profession- al and Amateur Sports Protection Act, or PASPA, GVC partnered up with MGM Resorts in what they are calling a “50-50 venture,” all in an effort to create a sports betting and online gambling platform in the States. In a press release announcing the deal, JimMurren, Chairman and Chief Exec- utive Officer of MGM Resorts, had the nerve to call GVC “the largest and most dynamic global online betting operator, with existing reputable and trusted operations in the U.S.” We can only wonder if Big Jim did so with a straight face. You see, after watching how GVC did business during past fiascos with Cashcade, Foxy and ActiveWins, it’s crystal clear that it simply doesn’t give a damn about affili- ates. What’s more, GVC — whom we also often refer to as the Evil Empire around these parts — used those past dealings not only to rake in huge profits, but as a stepping stone to bigger and even more lucrative partnerships, such as this one withMGM. So, what gives? We see only a few sce- narios. First, maybe GVC is running short on victims across the pond, and the Americans were just gullible enough to let them into this country? (If that’s the case, maybe President Trump should have built a wall to keep GVC out!) Or maybe MGM is oblivious to GVC’s du- bious reputation and didn’t do its due diligence before jumping into bed with them? Or perhaps MGM knows exactly who GVC is and how they go about their business, but the profit potential was just too juicy to say no? MGM Resorts International 72 G P W A t i m e s . o r g