GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 47 - July 2020

January 2009 Grand Prive Casino Group, Russ Hamilton, Steve Beshear, Spencer Bachus June 2009 Stephen Conroy, John Kindt September 2009 Southern District of New York January 2010 Australian Senator Nick Xenophon April 2010 Senator Jon Kyl June 2010 National Football League January 2011 WA Senator Margarita Prentice May 2011 Daniel “The Canary” Tzvetkoff October 2011 The Washington Post February 2012 Sheldon Adelson July 2014 American Gaming Association October 2014 Newsweek February 2015 CA Assemblyman Mike Gatto March 2012 Chris Ferguson, Howard Lederer, Ray Bitar May 2012 Groupe Bernard Tapie February 2013 PokerStars April 2013 Caesars Entertainment June 2013 Isai Scheinberg February 2014 Sheldon Adelson April 2014 Sen. Lindsey Graham October 2015 GR88, Mojo Affiliates February 2016 Christiaan Alexander Van Dalen July 2017 The State of California November 2017 The Australian Senate July 2018 Advertising Standards Authority October 2018 MGM Resorts International February 2019 NetEnt July 2019 Rich Ricci, BetBright October 2019 U.K. Gambling Commission February 2020 All-Party Parliamentary Group Wall of Shame Inductees WALL OF SHAME - PAST INDUCTEES April 2009 Christel Schaldemose This Danish European Parliament member was chiefly responsible for the European Parliament voting, 544-36, in favor of a report that would block the formation of a single online gambling market in the EU. Almost as bad as the vote was the rampant hypocrisy that ran through the bill. Betting on sports was really bad, unless you did it through a government-run monopoly so the state could earn revenue. In that case, it was really good. Sheesh. Make up your mind. April 2013 Caesars Entertainment Soon after coming out swinging against PokerStars’ application to buy the Atlantic Club Casino in New Jersey, the casino operator instead offered to sell the online poker giant the Rio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. To boot, Caesars said it would try to grease the wheels with regulators to make sure PokerStars would get a gaming license, despite the fact that regulations barred the company from accepting online bets in Nevada. So it was pretty clear in the eyes of Caesars that PokerStars was good enough for Nevada, but not NJ, and only if it was willing to pay Caesars a lot of money for a property nobody wanted. February 2018 Ajit Pai and the FCC The U.S. Federal Communications Commis- sion and its chairman, Ajit Pai, proved they didn’t give a damn about what ain’t broke – they still felt the need to go ahead and try to fix it. In December 2017, the FCC voted to repeal net neutrality by a vote of 3-2, with the goal of effectively ending the Obama-era regulations that prevented internet service providers from charging customers more in order to access certain websites or blocking websites outright. G P W A t i m e s . o r g 74