GPWA Times Magazine Issue 3 at a Glance

Scaling new heights
A target-specific marketing strategy has translated into success for Everest Affiliates. »

Making a difference: the GPWA's top five newsmakers of 2007
While there were plenty of setbacks and some significant triumphs in 2007, there were five people who stood out from the crowd, led by European Commissioner Charlie McCreevy, the GPWA's Newsmaker of the Year. »

'FORE'ward progress
UTour Golf has been embraced by golfers and casual gamers alike, allowing SkillGround to enter uncharted waters int he world of skill-game marketing. »

Online gambling the only real loser in WTO case
In the end, Antigua's WTO case against the U.S. over online gambling had nothing to do with gambling on the Internet. Instead, it became a proxy war pitting the policies of trade against fair trade. »
Affiliate Interviews
In addition to his work as an affiliate, Robert runs a gym. »

Cedric says he found the affiliate trade while searching for the "potential for building residual income and high possible revenues without any burdensome financial investment and achievable within a short time frame." Of course, the reality was somewhat different from his initial expectations. »

When Robin was searching for the best way to keep track of her online casino login information, she realized that other players might like to have all that information in one spot as well. »
Affiliate Manager Interviews

Kirk says the keys to success as an affiliate are to have a marketing plan in place, produce quality content and update your site regularly, and be willing to spend money to make money. »

Almaree says Sloto' Cash focuses on providing visually stimulating offers and games with entertaining bonus rounds that engage the customer's senses. »

When Leighton interviewed for the job, she had no idea what an affiliate was and had never played in an online casino, but she learned quickly on the fly, earning a nomination for a Best Affiliate Manager award. »