GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 1 - May 2007

3 2 Affliate Program Manager Interview Series A few weeks ago, when the popular Windows Casino branched out to the Playtech platform, Wager Junction m oved right along with it, offering the e xtension to their affiliates. This gave Wager J unction partners an additional quality brand to promote to their players, many of whom had al ready enjoyed playingWindows Casino on the R ealTime Gaming software platform. To mark th e occasion, Wager Junction offered a hefty in centive — 50% commission for the first three m onths for all new registering partners plus the o pportunity to take this brand to a new level. O ffering Windows Casino on the Playtech pl atform dramatically separates Wager Junction fr om the rest of the crowd. The Wager Junction af filiate program, which already had some of th e most respected RTG casinos as partners and of fered its affiliates smaller, more realistic hops b etween the rev share percentages than other p rograms, was now one of the very few affiliate p rograms to offer its members a revenue stream of multiple casino gaming platforms. Wager Junction’s mission is to offer their af filiates outstanding marketing opportunities in online gambling, along with the ability to m anage their marketing efforts via a user- fr iendly management platform, and take an a ctive role in addressing the challenges of af filiate marketing in the 21st century. In addition to both the Playtech and RTG s oftware platforms, Wager Junction affiliates e njoy the following: affiliates can earn revenue o n their own wagering, earn from 25% up to 5 0% commission on an ongoing basis, and earn u p to $300 CPA from the 3rd month onward; a 2nd-tier program with 5% lifetime referral c ommission on the net revenues. N egative balances are not carried over; payment in multiple currencies, by check, Neteller (except U .S.), or bank wire transfer; fast payments made o n the 15th of every month; a wide variety of s pecial partner promotions; fresh marketing m aterial ona regular basis;webmaster resources; a nd a dynamic, experienced support team. In describing how his organization works with portal webmasters, Greg Gomez, who has been Wager Junction’s Affiliate Manager for six years, has this to say: “We tell them the truth all the time, every time. Although this hasn’t made us popular on occasions, we’ve found that in the long run it has led to a lot of partners being able to trust us and trust our program. That is the key — tru st. Our function is to educate and motivate t he smaller partners while increasing revenue f or larger partners — but all partners get the sa me even-handed treatment.” MULTIPLE PLATFORMS CATAPULT WAGER JUNCTION TO THE TOP Affiliate Manager: Greg Gomez Favourite Pastimes: “Poker – I am terrible. Football – I play in a Sunday league. Optimizing – I am a beginner. Smok- ing cigarettes. Drinking vodka.” On the industry in 2008: “ No grandiose predictions here apart from the belief that Affiliate Programs and gaming on the Internet will continue to thrive and will grow again once this period of lunacy has been gotten rid of. The byword for 2008 will in my opinion be about further consolidation and further challenging times in regards to the penetration of different markets, with more gaming platforms that emphasize social interaction rather than pure hard core gambling.” Words of Wisdom for Affiliates: “FromWilliam Blak e: ‘No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings.’ I thin k that this is apt for our industry, where many people look to fin d a quick, short route to money. I find that the partners who a re most successful in this industry are those who have laid dow n the necessary groundwork. There is nothing wrong with bein g a novice or asking questions, and there are so many fantast ic resources available to webmasters these days. One of my f a- vourites as you can guess is the GPWA.” Email: “ ” Wager Junction supports the GPWA b ecause it not only provides info, but al so educates its members as to what t he industry is about, which is a great s ervice both to itsmembers and to the i ndustry as a whole. (Greg Gomez) GPWA TIMES | WAGNER JUNCTION | Greg Gomez