GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 1 - May 2007

34 Affliate Program Manager Interview Series Could you tell us a little bit about Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet? I work for www.chipleader. com and we are an affiliate marketing company that manages both Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. It’s a one-stop shop for all of your affiliate needs for AP and UB – anywhere from marketing and promotions to banners, and most importantly only one back end. Affiliates need one log-in to access all of their stats for either brand. AP and UB are now two of the largest sites remaining in the U.S. and are committed to staying there, which means that an affiliate’s lifetime value from their players is going to be higher with AP/UB than anywhere else. Our commitment to staying in the U.S. will allow any affiliate to continue to make revenue from their players. How did you get into the industry? A long time ago, in a faraway country, somebody said, “Hey! You speak English! Why don’t you work in a Sportsbook?” That’s how it all started back in times of the Lewinsky scandal, the winds of El Niño hitting our coasts and Titanic (the movie). Since passage of the UIGEA, what has changed and how have Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet adapted? What has changed is that it has made it more difficult to work with merchant processors. However, I am excited to report that we were prepared for this, which is why an affiliate’s players will have a much higher probability of being able to deposit at AP/UB than with another site in the U.S. We have the best processing in the industry. There is nothing more frustrating for an affiliate and their players than when they can’t deposit their money and play. How do you approach working with portal webmasters? Carefully. When working with webmasters you can’t just “wing” the conversation. You need to have a strong understanding of the business. What has the withdrawal of NETeller meant to the industry and to Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet? Well, it certainly didn’t make things easy. NETeller was supposed to give three months’ notice of their departure. We were given 20 hours. The most painful issue with Neteller’s leaving the industry is that the cost of processing deposits has skyrocketed. What do you hope to accomplish being a GPWA sponsor? As a sponsor we hope to get the word out that we have launched our new company,, which is a merger of the affiliate programs for Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet. It is also to let everyone know that we are committed to the U.S. market. What percentage of your business is directly attributable to affiliates? Upwards of 39%. What advice would you give to new would-be gaming affiliates? When you sign up as an affiliate, make sure you develop a relationship with your affiliate manager. It’s great to have a relationship with someone who can help you grow your business. What makes Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet unique? We have incredible software, which provides a great user experience. Whatdoyouseeasthemostessential things that poker affiliates should be doing today to achieve long-term success? They have to treat their relationship with the poker room they work with as a partnership. It takes both parties to create success. One cannot grow without the other. So, get involved with your affiliate manager and work with him or her to help promote and grow your site. HER COMMITMENT TO U.S. PLAYERS IS ABSOLUTE! Marcela OVERVIEW Absolute Poker is committed to developing a profitable long-term relationship with each affiliate. The program offers poker affiliates the option of two competitive compensation plans. Other features include free sign-up, with no set-up or registration fees; lifetime revenue from each referred player; multi-tier program for added earnings from referred affiliates; no losses ever – as long as you send qualified players you’ll make money; high conversion rates; great selection of marketing materials; reliable, accurate tracking and reporting on individual players; excellent player bonuses and incentives. Software Platform: Proprietary Software Earnings: Revenue Share Brands: Absolute Poker Position: Affiliate Manager, Age: 28 Hometown: San Jose, Costa Rica Favourite Sports: “I’m not really into sports. Hmmm . . . soccer, when Costa Rica plays. I like dancing better!” Favourite Travel Destination: “I love traveling, so there’s something about all the places I’ve been to that I like. We had an appreciation trip for our top-performing affiliates at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. I would have to say that was the best trip so far. It was paradise!” Absolute Poker’s Marcela, and Pumbaa wannabe, on a beach in the Bahamas “ ” In a rapidly changing environment, you need to learn everything you can from your clients and coworkers. When you’re constantly trying to adapt and provide solutions ... life keeps being good! GPWA TIMES | ABSOLUTE POKER | Marcela