GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 1 - May 2007

Love, business & trust e Up-close with Mojo f For some affiliates, promoting on- line gambling is a part-time job. For others, it’s full-time passion. But for Mojo, online gaming has led to love – and a new business. Online love and love online How did you get involved in the online gambling in- dustry? I began as a player. I loved that you could play online, but I wasn’t familiar with the different software and offers avail- able. I began to look around and while surf- ing one night, I visited a small free games and chat room. I believe it was in 2002 or 2003. I had never chatted in my life, but it was such a warm and friendly room. Very homey and a lot of fun. There were other online players there and I started asking questions. I made wonderful friends who I am still in touch with. The site’s proprietor, Joe, was a webmaster. He would hold high score tourneys and give away free chips to sponsoring casinos. Af- ter some time, he decided to open a forum and asked me to moderate. This eventually led to him setting up my first portal for me, Gambling Mojo ( We became close and met a couple of times. In fact, I would come home and rush to my computer and knock anyone out of the way to see if I got mail from him! We eventually met a couple of times. Then, in March of ’06, I had a BBQ with some of the people from that room and Joe flew in for it. The weekend went by much to fast and he stayed an extra day and then another and another. Well it’s been a year now and he’s still here, lol. I keep telling him the par- ty’s over! He’s a wonderful guy and I can’t believe how lucky I am that I stumbled upon that little chat room. Fate is so amazing! Our friends from the chat room are thrilled for us. It’s a webmaster love story if you can believe it! What inspired the three sites you run? The name Mojo comes from the chat nickname I started with back then. We had a hamster named Mojo at the time and I like the Doors song. I wasn’t thinking about the future when I picked that, but it stuck. After Gambling Mojo I added No Deposit Mojo ( for players looking for something to do when they are low on cash. Everyone likes a nice freebie! I recently added High Roller Mojo ( I want a well rounded group with something for everyone. I always keep in mind what I was looking for as a new player and now as an experienced one. I find the world of online gambling fascinating and there is always something new coming along. Wi th your boyfriend in the in- dustryas well… do you spend a lot of time dis- u s i n g current issues or industry g o s s i p ? Yes, all of it. It’s wonderful to share with someone else who is in the indus- try. I rarely mentioned (backthen)what I was doing online to friends and family. Most wouldn’t understand and it would be too difficult to explain. Early on it was like a double life and I’m sure a lot of webmas- ters can relate. These days more people are aware and have played themselves. Joe cre- ated the Payday Joes sites in 2002 and has been in the business since 1998. He has tons of experience that I can tap into. He has helped so many people over the years and has more patience than anyone I know. We are a team and pool our resources. I’m al- ways trying to beat him in the searches and he calls me The Mojo. We sure do laugh a lot and we do love to gossip! Are you a gambler yourself? If so, what do you play? Do you prefer online or live play? I love to gamble -— both online and in land casinos. They both have their good points. Online, I can be in my pajamas on a Friday night and relax. And the excitement and noise of a land casino can’t be beat. I used to be a video poker junkie, but with all the new games to try I am more a slots kind of girl now. I always test and play the newest games, and now I can claim it’s my job.