GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 10 - Sept 2009

The music had a real ‘90s feel to it as partygoers grooved the night away. The balcony was full of people checking out the view. Partygoers took turns trying out the rotating bed. Cameras were flashing everywhere. And a few players even dropped their pantsand testedout thepoolwhilewearing just their boxer-briefs. Andwhen everyone left at the endof the night PKR. comwas thebigwinner.Theirplayers loved theparty. Their guests loved theparty.Andnobody could stop talkingabout it as theyexited thePalms. Like the party, the UltimateBet event was a highly sought after ticket.Studio54had shut down for thebigparty,so itwas invite-onlytoget in.Our friendsat Chipleader,theaffiliateprogram forUltimateBet,helped getCasinoCityaccesstotheparty.Allwehadtodo isask forPabloat thedoorandhewould letus in. And sureenough,Pablo letus in.Garyhadbeatenme there by 30 minutes and had no problems finding Pablo. But for me there was a dicey moment when the bouncers appeared not to know Pablo. But as he swung by and told them I was “OK,” the gates to Studio54opened forme. UltimateBetgirlswerewaiting togreetguestsas they made theirway inside theclub.AndmoreUltimateBet girlswere inside theclubdancingandmakingpeople feel athome. The club itself looks like a post-industrial warehouse, withagiantdancefloorflankedbyabar.Andtheceiling looks like it isskyhigh.Oneitherendof thedancefloor aremetal staircases that leadup toa secondfloor that ringsthedancefloor,allowingpatronsto lookdownon the dance floor. And it looked like theremight be an ultra-exclusive thirdfloor. UltimateBet pros Adam “Roothlus” Levy, Tiffany Michelle, Annie Duke and Phil Hellmuth were all in attendance,alongwithplayerswhohadwon spots in theWorld Series of Poker throughUB. But as usual, it wasHellmuthwho stole the show. Sitting in a ring that many dancers use as a prop, Hellmuth was lowered from the ceiling until he hovered above the dance floor. Hellmuth then congratulated UltimateBet for its 10th anniversary, conducted a raffle for a seat in the2009ArubaPoker Classicand invitedeveryone inattendance to joinhim for a rooftoppartyathisplace inAruba inOctober. After Hellmuth’s star turn, real dancers and acrobats took thestage,performingmid-airstunts thatdazzled the crowd. And in between acts, partygoers danced thenight away. All inall,agoodcoupleof nights inLasVegas. VIP Experience :: GPWA Times 25