GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 10 - Sept 2009

Everestgetsdown at theWSOP byRebeccaLiggero I’mnotsure Icanever forgettheEverestPoker logo after my weekend at theWSOP. It was everywhere! I spent about 30minutes at the actualWSOP, and I still saw the logo all over LasVegas.Most impressivewastheprojection of the logo on the outside walls of PURE, venue for theannual EverestPokerWSOP4th of Julyparty. I’mnot sure if I couldeverask for a better relationship with a Platinum GPWA sponsor, longtime CasinoCity advertiser and former employer. The fine Everest Affiliates team went out of their way to provide me, and 20 other industry people I offered to help, with last minute passes to their party and entertained us for the seven hours that wewere there.ThefineEverestAffiliates team alsowent out of theirway tohostmeat their fancyWSOP hospitality suite, complete with slick leather couches, refreshments, Twitter updates,evenmore logos,andbest of all, the NintendoWii. VIP Experience :: GPWA Times 27