GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 10 - Sept 2009

77 :: GPWA Times tive speakers inall ourmarkets, but come from the countries they are representing. To that end, they know the culture and details of their markets to the fullest ex- tent, and it is their expertise that really provides that localized feel. Localizationalsocomesfromour in-depth knowledge of our affiliates. We learn as much as possible about our affiliates - how they promote, what works best for their players, where their traffic comes from and more. That combined with an award-winningaffiliate team lends toour unique and customized approach to each of our affiliates. You also have your ownTwitter account. How has this helped youmarket Everest Affiliates? I’m a bit of a Twitter addict. I started my account (@tanyatweet) specifically to reach out to affiliates and getmorepersonally involved. Twitterhas helpedme direct attention to our newest promotions and news, as well as get our affiliatesmore involved in thediscussion. Recently,wecreatedawholenewaccount, @EverestAff, that is specifically geared toward the latest news most pertinent to our affiliates. @EverestAff is a way we can reach out andupdate our affiliate base on new promotions, changes or opportunitiesgoingonatEverestwithout the wait for the next newsletter or email update to go out. Twitter has been an excellent resource to give updates and news in real timeacross theglobe. In general, we try to incorporate asmany social media initiatives for our players and partners as possible. One of them was for theWSOP, wherewe created the Web site, where all comments made with #evpwsop would be viewed on the site and on the Everest Lounge big screen during the WSOP. Players, Everest employees and affiliates on Twitter participated. Twitter has changed the dynamic to create a real- time conversation, and I think affiliates and accountmanagers are realizing that. I highly advise everyone to sign on and begin tweeting. Most of the affiliate managers we talk to say building trust with their affiliates is critical to success. How do you go about building trustwith your affiliates? We are looking for a strong long-term relationship with all of our affiliates, so trust is absolutely crucial to achieving this. Trust is built through a number of channels, and it is the combination of all of them that makes a solid relationship between my affiliates and me. Most important, inmyopinion, istransparency. Affiliates are looking for an honest and open relationship, and transparency is critical to that end. Trust, inmyopinion, isalsobasedonwhat youknowaboutnotonly theprogram,but your affiliate manager. The combination of e-mails, forumdiscussion, Twitter and affiliate conferences altogether create a personality and a relationship that allow for trust todevelop. Getting involved in the forums, showing a little personality through Twitter and taking the time to knowmore about the affiliates rather than just the details of their siteareall extremely important. If youcouldhavedinnerwith threeother people, living or dead, who would they be and why? First I would have to say Socrates. I’m a pretty big philosophy history dork and I’ve probably read about Socrates amillionandahalf times. I would love to get in a debate with the greatest (andmost annoying) debater of all time. We’re both talkers, so I think it wouldbepretty interesting. I would also love to sit down with my grandfather onmymother’s side. I never gottheopportunitytomeethim,and from all thestories I’veheardover theyears,he seems tobea really interestingguy. Finally, John Cusack circa 1989. I have a minor obsession with the movie “Say Anything.” I’mpretty sure every girl who grew up in the ’80s and ’90s can agree withmeon thisone. What are three things thatnooneknows about you? I’m a fairly open book, so I doubt there is anything that at least one person doesn’t know about me. Three things that most people probably don’t knowaboutmemight be: Iwakeup to chugorange juice religiouslyat 2a.m. Mymiddlename isHerrick. I openlyyell at the computer screen whileplayingpoker online. 1. 2. 3. AffiliateManager Interview Series