GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 11 - January 2010

CleanHTMLcode conquersall!, you explained that you like to gamble, believe life is a gamble, and consider your site’smainpurpose is tohelp lovers of gambling to become better informed about casinos, software and affiliate programs. How did you develop this philosophy? This philosophy stems from the various experiences I’ve had during my journey. One can never be certain of anything in this life – death and life are like a red and a black on an immense imaginary table, so I think gambling has a significance far greater than what many people think. Onlinecasinoselite. com aims to clarify things for those who want to approach this universe that is gambling, giving comprehensive info on casinos, details on the software that produces them, affiliate programs, a guide to casinogames, andmore. How did you get involved in the online gaming industry?Areyoua full-timeora part-timewebmaster? I joined the online gaming industry in the 1980s. It was simply a mix of passions that pulledme in: computers and gambling. Over time I learned techniques in languages likeJava, HTMLandCSS. I tried tounderstand the behavior of spiders and search engines, marketing and the right strategies, all with the intentionofcreating theWebsite thatbecame“OnlineCasinosElite,”which hasgivenmeenormous satisfaction.Now I’m seriously thinkingof becoming a full- timewebmaster, due to a greater volume ofwork. Tell us about “lunaraurora” and your ferocious-looking avatar. How did you choosethemandwhatdotheysymbolize? Lunar Aurora is a German black-metal band, and the wolf ismy favorite animal for its behavior in nature. Sometimes I respect animals more than humans. The way that humans abuse animals is despicable. How long was it before your gambling sites started earning you money? After a few months, I started to see the first results. How did you discover the GPWA? The GPWA is a “must” for those who want to make their voices heard and want to stay informedaboutupdates that concern the industry and share ideas with other webmasters. It wasn’t difficult to find the GPWA because it’s so popular. I recommend it to everyone who wants to pursueawebmaster career. What’sthehardestthingaboutoperating your site? Having cleanHTML code inall situations is a frustrating job, but can be useful ingivingmorequality toyour site. Do you gamble online? If so, what do you play? I mostly play poker. Do NOT deprive me of my Saturday-night poker game – it’s themost relaxingmoment of theweek. Ifyouhadtopickfivekeystosuccessasan affiliate,whatwould theybe,andwhy? 1. Focus:Always set yourself a target. 2. Humility: Study othermajor sites and learn from themwithhumility. 3. Courage: Don’t be afraid to try new things if your site isn’t perfect, but don’t overdo it – experiment a little bit at a time. 4. Technique: LearnHTML toperfection, alongwithother techniques tomakeyour site responsiveanddynamic. 5. Patience: If you want everything at once, thiswork isnot for you. Sometimes youhave towaitmonths ifnotyears toget good results. Ifyoucouldhaveone“superpower,”what would it be?Andwhy? I’d like to be able to erase the bad aspects of humannature and bring it back to its “virgin” state, to giveallofusachance toredeemourselves (uh . . .maybe I’mdelusional). What’syourall-time favoriteTVshowand your favoritemovie? I was a passionate fan of an old television series called “Samurai” (“Lone Wolf and Cub”). I love the classic Italian films. My favorite movie is “Il Vedovo” (“The Widower”), made in 1959 and starring my favorite actor, AlbertoSordi. Ifyouwerecastingamovie (withyourself in thestarring role),whowouldplayyour romantic interest? And why? If I were starring in a film, I’d likehaving Jennifer Lopez in my hand. She’s the best diva ever, singswell, is an excellent actress, is bright and intelligent – but above all she is a sweet to taste! What is the first concert you attended in person? NapalmDeath,MadPoltergeist, Hellbastard (1984 -Genoa). And finally, what are three things that nobody knows about you? Do you think if I had three secrets I never told anyone, I’d reveal them in amagazine that’s read by thousandsof people? :)Byebye. Age: 36 Hometown: Genoa, Italy Currently residing in: Genoa Favorite food: Mushrooms One book everyonemust read: Axiomatic, by Greg Egan Site: MaurizioAndrisano | lunaraurora 50 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series