GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 12 - April 2010

Howmuch timedoes it take tokeepyour siteupdated?Doyouusea contentman- agement system to manage your site? And if you use a content management system,whichdo your prefer? Andwhy? Basic updates take me one to two hours per day. I runTipsterCompetitiononmy sites so there aremanymatches to close once events are finished. Then another one to two hours for SEO, linking and advertising. Then, checking out my part- ners’ latest offers, newsletters, doingnec- essary changes and adding new content, and answering emails takes another two to three hours, if not more. Considering new partners, research, writing reviews – it all takes a lot of time. Being an affili- ate is basically a 24-hour job, but can be adjusted as you like, depending on your short- and long-termgoals. IdouseCMSbecause itgivesme freedom and speed while working. I’ve been us- ing PHP-Fusion for years now, and I’m happywith it; Tipster Competition script iswritten forFusionand if I changeCMS, a whole lot of things should be changed andadjusted in the script itself. English isyour second language,butone of yourWeb sites is an English-language one.Howdifficult is it for you toproduce an affiliate site in a language that is not your native tongue? Being a native Eng- lish speaker is a tremendous advantage. It helps you understand the nuances and specificsof the languagebetter, especially in strong markets like the U.K. and the U.S. However, these days, when every- body more or less speaks English, it is easier to get into those markets without being a native English speaker. Nomat- ter what language you use, it’s all about content; content isking. Your native language is Croatian. We knowyouspeakEnglish.Butaccordingto yourGPWAprofile,youalso speakDutch. When and how did you learn Dutch? I learned Dutch living in Amsterdam for five years, from 1994 to 1999. I studied Multimedia andDesign there inEnglish, but picked up a lot of Dutch just living there. I consider Amsterdammy second home and always like to go there and see friends and the old canals! What advice can you offer people who are just starting up in the industry? Stick to what you know – that is the key to success. If you don’t know, learn about it from others rather than reinventing thewheel. Hardwork, hardwork and hardwork. Never giveup. Talk topeople in the indus- try – they know how you feel; they’veall been there. Connect with your affiliate managers regularly. Change thepositionof your adverts on your sites regu- larly, for two reasons: first, even old content will look fresh, and second, you will see what works best for you. Never forget thatcontent iskingandal- wayspublishnewmaterial as frequent- lyas you can. Evaluateyourpartners regularly. Respectyourvisitors, answer theirmail and communicatewith them. Ifyouhadtopickfivekeystosuccessasan affiliate,whatwould theybe,andwhy? Content – drives the people back for more. Advertise good partners – those that aregood to theplayers and toyoualike – and communicate with your affiliate managers. They are great people and are there tohelpyourbusiness. WorkhardonSEO. Try togiveuniquebenefit tousersvisit- ingyour site. Imagineyourselfasavisitor/user to the site. What are you looking for? What do youwant to findwhen searching for something? What would make you to sign up and deposit? Find answers to thesequestions andyouare there! Ifyoucouldhaveone“superpower,”what would itbe? Toheal the sick. • • • • • • • • • 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. If you were able to sit down to dinner withanyfivepeople, livingor dead,who would theybe,andwhy? BuddhaandJe- susChrist: Iguess I could learna lot from these two guys (ha ha ha). I’m not much of a religious personmyself but it would bean inspiringexperience forsure.Alfred Hitchcock – the best film director ever. Nikola Tesla –what would the world be without electricity? Joe Strummer –The Clash frontman – had a great influence onme. Whatarethreethingsthatnobodyknows about you? I checkmy affiliate statistics three times a day, still read comic books and singwhennobody canhearme, usu- ally in the carwhiledriving. Age: 38 Hometown: Zagreb Currently residing in: Dubai - Zagreb Favorite food: Italian One book everyonemust read: TheMaster andMargarita, byMikhail Bulgakov Sites:, 53 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series