GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 12 - April 2010

promote toyour readers, therearea lotof knowledgeable people at the GPWAwho are willing to share that knowledge just for theasking. If you could change one thing about the industry,whatwould it be, andwhy? Re- pealing the UIGEA. Besides the obvious, I’mone tobelieve that tax and regulation wouldbe a good thing. Peoplehate taxes, butwehave tobe realistic and regulation is the only option I see for getting rid of the rogue sites that areout there. What advice can you offer people who are just startingup in the industry? Join forums like theGPWAandPAL, and then participate. Don’t just lurk around in the background. Sure, you’ll learn little, but you’ll learn so much more by becoming an activemember at these sites and par- ticipating. Form thoseonline “bonds”! What’s your favorite vacation spot, and why? Townsend, Tennessee – “The Peaceful Side of the Smokies.”We’ve al- ways lived out in the country and are not much for the hustle and bustle of the big city. The Smoky Mountains are such a beautiful part of theU.S. and it’s so relax- ing to be out camping with the sound of the rushingwatersof theLittleTennessee River. What’s your favorite movie? That’s a tough one. I’ll say “The Shawshank Re- demption.” Ifyoucouldhaveone“superpower,”what would it be,andwhy? I wouldn’t call it a “super power,” but I’d love to have the ability to feed the world. In this day and time it is such a shame that there are still thosewhohave todealwithhunger. Whatarethreethingsthatnobodyknows aboutyou? Iwas runover by a truckwhen Iwas six and given up for dead. I spent a monthandahalf inacomabutmade it through. The wife says I’m really one of the softest-hearted people she knows, 1. 2. and it’s led me to do some pretty careless things in thepast. Years ago I pickedup ahitchhiker andbrought him into our home. We fed theman and lethimcleanhimselfup.Theguy spent the night, and the next morn- ing the wife packed him a lunch as she did mine. I dropped him off at the beach, gave him twenty bucks, andwent onmyway to go aboutmy business. Imaginemy surprisewhen we found out later on the local news that therewasamanhuntout for this feller! Three years ago June the docs said I only had a matter of months to live after they found my lungs covered with spots. Also, I could hardly talk due tocancerandpolypsonmyvocal cords. Thewife couldn’t drivemyold Ford truckso I sold itandboughther a used Volvo. I’d always wanted to see Niagara Falls before I died, and anonline friendwho lived inCanada invited us up to stay in his camper. So we went with what funds I had left over from the sale of the truck. I thought at the time that it would be one last trip with the wife, then I’d come home and die. While we were there the online friend, “Hack- saw2000,” showedme thisWeb site that he and abunchof online associ- ateshad started . . . theyhadactually raised quite a tidy sum ofmoney for 3. mymedical expenses and bills. That gavemeawholenewoutlook. Iwent back home and the first thing I did was get the vocal cord surgery done so I could talk normally again. That was the beginning ofmy proving the docs wrong. I’ll always be so thank- ful to the online poker community forwhat theydid. Suredowish I hadkeptmy oldFord truck, though, lol. Age: 48 Hometown: Socastee. South Carolina Currently residing in: Conway, South Carolina Favorite food: Whole hog barbecue One book everyonemust read: I’m going to have to say the Bible. Whether it’s for your own religious beliefs or not, there is just somuch that can be taken from it – somany stories and somany fables. Sites (4 of 6): 55 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series