GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 13 - June 2010

othermatters I admit I amprettyuseless! Iget something like25e-mailsperday– I delete the crap and keep the ones which need attention – but often get “distract- ed” and forget about them for weeks, or evenmonths!Myadvice toothers isdon’t be likeme! Howdoyoumanageyour“to-do”lists?Do youuseany special software tohelpyou out? Iusea littleprogramcalled “CuteRe- minder,”whichpops up little unobtrusive message boxes on the right of my screen. However, Ido tend tokeepputting jobsoff and so theybuildup&upuntil Imayhave about 20 reminders pop up at once! I’m nowherenearasorganizedas I shouldbe. Timemanagement is one of the biggest issues facing affiliates. What time man- agement tips can you offer your fellow webmasters? Don’t put off ANY job un- less you really have to – or you’ll end up asdisorganizedas I am! You indicate in your GPWA profile that you wish you could earn a living gam- bling. If youwere earning a living gam- bling, what would you be betting on? I don’t really know– probably sports and horse racing. It would be very nice if there really were a way to beat roulette, too! Whodoyouthink isgoingtowintheWorld Cup this summer? England! (I’m a hope- lessoptimist.)Once, just foronce, theyare going toplay to their full potential. If you could sit down to dinner with any five people, living or dead, who would theybe,andwhy? Mydad (died in2008)–because Inev- er really talked tohim enoughbefore it was too late. My former brother-in-law (died in 2001, aged 40) – just because I miss hima lot. Freddie Mercury – his songs meant SOmuch tome inmy late teens/early twenties. 1. 2. 3. AlanShearer– living legend–and mywife–wouldnotwant togo todin- nerwithout her. When you need to get as far away from work as possible, where do you go? To thegolf course! Forpeoplenot livingby thesea,tell them what they’remissing. It’s just so nice to be able towalk out ofmy front door and beon the sea-front in5minutes. You can sit on a sea-front bench and look out to nothing but water and sky and forget about all your troubles and strife. It feels likeyouare in themiddleofnowhereand is just so relaxing. Ifyouhadtopickfivekeystosuccessasan affiliate,whatwouldtheybe,andwhy? Be a player first. Would you recom- mend a restaurant to someone if you hadn’t dined thereyourself first? Listen and learn from existing affili- ates. No one can just jump straight in without some sort of guidance. Doyourhomeworkon the sitesyouare thinking about promoting. There are many rogue casinos and affiliate pro- gramsout there–avoidat all costs. Bepatient.Romewasnotbuilt inaday, and nor was any affiliate’s site. Expect it to take at least a year before your hardwork is rewarded. Behonestwith the content of your site. Don’t try to make something sound better than it really is –most players are pretty intelligent and will not be fooledbyBS. If youwere“stuck” ina citydue to travel restrictions, would you do everything possible togethome?Orwouldyou take some time togoexploring? Do some ex- ploring – looking for a fruit machine in thenearest pub! 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Age: Old! (49 if youmustpublish it) Hometown: Worthing, Sussex,U.K. Currently residing in: Hastings, Sussex,U.K. Favorite food: Pizza Onebookeveryonemust read : TheDayof theTriffids , by JohnWyndham Sites:,,,, 53 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series