GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 13 - June 2010

SARAHPSAILA | Betsafe Right now, the first thing people see when they visit the Betsafe Web site is a promotion for “The Recruiter.”What is “The Recruit- er”? How long is this promotion available? The Recruiter is a competition initiated by Betsafe. comwhich canbe compared toan extremelywell developed refer-a- friend program. Customers earn points when their friends sign up with Betsafe. Points then deter- mineone’splacementon the lead- er boardswhere a total prize pool of €350,000 is up for grabs. The best Recruiter will drive off from this competition with a brand- new Porsche! Henrik Person, our CEO, is the mastermind behind this promo, which will run till theendof July. In terms of the size of business, how do the poker and casino units compare to the sports betting at Betsafe? I must admit that things at Betsafe over the past year have gone from strength to strength. Wearea sportsbook re- nowned for having one of the strongest offer- ings in the industry for the markets we target, and our poker and casino prod- ucts have grown at an astronomi- cal rate. Sincemoving toOngame early last year we have managed to establish ourselves as one of themost promising rooms in the Ongame network and we contin- ue to exceed all expectations both internally and externally. Our ca- sino has also enjoyed exceptional success, andwenow look forward to launching our second casino at the end of May. Launching a crypto casino alongwith our cur- rent portfolio from NetEnt will definitely give us that additional edgeandhelpensurewehaveone of the strongest casino products in the industry. What percentage of your sports betting customers cross over to pokerandcasino?Whataboutthe other direction? Do poker play- ers become sports bettors?What aboutcasinocustomers? As inany other business cross-selling plays an important strategic role here at Betsafe. We feel (and our stats prove) that we are in an advanta- geous position in terms of cross- sell as well given that we have such a strong and unique sports- book product. This in turnmakes cross-selling somewhat easier given that experience shows that it is far easier to encourage cross- sell from sportsbook topoker and casino rather thanviceversa. What differentiates the Betsafe affiliateprogramfromotheraffili- ateprograms? AtBetsafewepride ourselves on being a company that maintains close contact with customers and business partners alike. In the Betsafe affiliate pro- gram, thededicatedaffiliateman- agement and effortsmade tohelp our affiliatesat an individual level are key differentiating factors. That said,wedohaveanumberof additional very exciting projects andpropositionsrelated toouraf- filiateprogram in thepipeline that will help us further stand out in the crowd, but thedetailshereare forme to know– and for the rest of you to findout very shortly! InyourFAQ,youclearly state that Betsafe does not tolerate spam- ming. If Betsafe discovers some- one is spamming topromoteBet- safe, what steps will be taken to stop the spamming? In adhering to company policywe domonitor our affiliates’ activityand strive to protect the brand at all costs. Un- derstandably our affiliates need flexibility topromoteusbutwedo make every effort to ensure that the Betsafe brand is safeguarded at all times. Solid relationships with our affiliates put us in a po- sition to be able to contact any affiliate should any problem like this arise, have an open discus- sionanddiscuss thebestway for- ward, one that will be mutually beneficial tobothparties. How longdoyougiveyourself for responding to e-mail? And what e-mailmanagement tips can you offer? I’d like to think that my response time to e-mail is not significantly lagged, and while I do have to prioritize certain e- mail, I domake it a point not to leave people waiting for a reply for more than 24 hours. Some- times answers can’t be given but an acknowledgment within 24 hours is essential good-business practice. The key here is organi- zation! Understanding my busi- ness priorities andorganizingmy inboxaccordinglydefinitelyhelps me get through my inbox more efficiently answering what needs to be answered and delegating and followingupothers...rules set up on the basis of these priorities always help, especially when you are faced with over 200 e-mails after adayor twoon leave! In your mind, what’s more diffi- cult, attracting players or retain- ing them? I would have to say retention! Attracting players is understandably important; how- ever, extending CLTV [combined loan to value] iswherebothaffili- ates and operator can really cash in. Acquisition is significantly more expensive than retention, especiallywhenone considers the extortionate costs incurred when employing mass-marketing tech- niques, which are essential for brand-building and acquisition efforts. But if the budget is avail- able increased acquisition stats are easier to achieve. Retention on the other hand requires far more intellectual resources and strategic thinking, but iswhatwill “AtBetsafewe prideourselves onbeinga company that maintains close contact with customers andbusiness partners alike.” 66 AffiliateManager Interview Series Due to space constraints,we couldnotprint the interview in itsentirety.The complete textwill