GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 15 - January 2011

What qualities would the ideal pro- gram and/or program manager have? The ideal program manager must be a people person and must be prepared to speedily assist their affiliates with the latest affiliate program’s news, queries and any problems that may arise. How do you feel about working with program managers who also operate their own gambling portals? I remem- ber posting a thread where I said that affiliate managers should not operate and run their own portals because po- tentially it creates a conflict of interest. I still believe this; however, I would work with an affiliate manager who has his/her own portal on the condition that this person does not see me as competi- tion and has my business’s best interest at heart. Which worldwide markets do you think will emerge and/or show themost growth in 2011 and 2012? Presently all eyes are on the U.S. to see whether it will legal- ize online gambling or not. In the event online gambling is permitted in the U.S. soon, and properly regulated and taxed, this may bode well for the gaming indus- try. So I have to go with the U.S. on this one for 2011 and 2012. The world needs a strong U.S. economy again. How important is SEO to the continuing success of your sites? And regarding key- word density, how much is OK, and how much is too much? SEO has always and will always comprise a key component to any Web site’s success. My associate Max is responsible for our Web site’s keyword research, which he passes on to me and in turn I slot the keywords into our Web site’s blog. I speak subject to correction here, but to have specific keywords that are too dense (more than seven percent) might be considered spamming and could be penalized by Google or any other search engine for that matter. What’s your favorite vacation or getaway destination? I like touring the West Coast of South Africa since I grew up along the coast. It has the friendliest people and you can indulge in the local cuisine (crayfish, fish, etc.) and stories on offer. I also enjoy the climate: it’s cool and not as hot and dry as where I presently live. What are three things that nobody knows about you? I played semiprofessional tennis tourna- ments in France in 1993. Got thumped by a 14-year-old kid and decided it was time to pursue other ventures. I’m co-owner of a portal casino. I’m a chocoholic. If you could have dinner with any five people, alive or dead,who would they be? And what would be on the menu? Nelson Mandela Alexander the Great George Bush (I’d give him a piece of my mind for imposing the UIGEA) Marcus Aurelius Our current president, Jacob Zuma (I’d ask him why crime/corruption levels are so high in South Africa at the moment) Menu: Steak, chips and a Greek salad, naturally! 1. 2. 3. • • • • • • If you could have one“superpower,”what would it be? To influence Google in such a way that it would rank our keywords and Web site on the first page! If you were starring in a movie, who would be your co-star, and why? It would be an epic similar to Gladiator . My co- star would be Russell Crowe – I’d like to kick his ass in the movie. AGE: 39 HOMETOWN: Kimberley Living in: South Africa FAVORITEFOOD: Steak, chips and Greek salad MUSTREAD BOOK: The Assyrian by Nicholas Guild SITE: “Here is a photo of myself and Sam, who passed away in 2010. Sam was my driver/mechanic in Sierra Leone, and my right-hand man on site. This interview is dedicated to his memory.”— cass 27 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series