GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 17 - September 2011

TheWinner is . . . “What a sucker, a few beers and a little flirting, and I might be able to convince him to buy my Ultimate Bet dollars at par.” — Frank Richards Congratulations to “Frank Richards,” who wins a free iGaming Business Directory And the runners up . . . “‘Guinness Public Works Administrator’ ... wow, that is an impressive title!” — Anthony “Is that an issue of GPWA magazine in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?” — pokerbanter She: “You’re blushing... is that because you’re attracted to me?” He: “No, I’m just thinking about what my accountant is going to say when she sees how much two pints of Guinness cost in Dublin!” — HodgeyBoy Last issue’s cartoon Last time around, we saw our GPWA guy sharing a magic moment – and a Guinness – with an attractive, mysterious young woman. We asked you to clue us in, and you responded. Nice going, everyone! THIS ISSUE’S cartoon So who is this amazing young woman our favorite affiliate has taken from brewery to bed since the last issue of the magazine (see cartoon below)? What’s happening? They both look like they could use another Guinness! And what is she saying? Is she upset with him? Confused? Is she offering some sort of criticism, constructive or otherwise? Is our GPWA guy having “second thoughts”? What’s going on in this smoke-filled room? You tell us. Go to the forums at and submit your caption for this cartoon.We’ll take a look at all the entries and pick the one we think is the funniest.The winner will be announced in our next issue and will receive a free copy of the iGaming Business Directory. CAPTION CONTEST Drawings by Ben Riley, Caption Contest