GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 18 - October 2011

T his issue, our 18 th , will make its first appearance October 3-6 at the G2E iGaming Congress and iGaming Zone at the Las Vegas Sands Expo & Convention Center. We’ll be there, and we hope that you’ll be there, too. And if you are, be sure to come to the GPWA cocktail party on October 4 in the Stratosphere Tower! In our cover story, Lorien Pilling takes a hard look at what governments around the world are doing to tax and regulate iGaming. It’s not the most glamorous topic, he tells us, but it is the most important by far – and affiliates need to keep current as proposed regulatory changes continue to proliferate. Also in this issue: the PPA’s John Pappas and iMEGA’s Joe Brennan argue the pros and cons of federal vs. state regulation of iGaming in the U.S.; I. Nelson Rose tries to make sense of the failure thus far to pass Internet gaming legislation in California; Vin Narayanan offers some biting commentary on why there’s more to regulation than tax policy; Paul Reilly (with a little help fromWilliam Shakespeare) encourages affiliates to cast aside their SEO fears and start reaping SEO benefits; our editorial team has some Facebook fun at Full Tilt Poker’s expense; Sinead Lambert offers up some timely tips for sportsbook affiliates as the football (soccer) season starts; and Jeremy Enke explains why poker affiliates, post Black Friday, must rebuild their online portfolio through strategic diversification, either into completely different niches or within the online poker market. And I hope you’ll read this issue’s affiliate manager interview, five affiliate interviews, a lively discussion on mobile gaming taken from the GPWA forums, and the Departments – the latest industry news, numbers, notable quotes, an updated list of GPWA sponsors, the cartoon caption contest, theWall of Shame, and our calendar of upcoming industry events. Finally, I want to remind you to make sure you’re on our subscriber list. If you’re not getting the GPWA Times Magazine in the mail, stop whatever you’re doing and visit to start your free subscription. Sincerely, Michael A. Corfman GPWA Executive Director LETTER FROM THE DIRECTOR GPWA Executive Director: Michael Corfman Marketing Director: Andrea Mullaney ProgramManager: Steven Corfman ForumModerator: Anthony Telesca Membership Manager: Nancy Troy GPWA Times Magazine Managing Editor: Vin Narayanan Senior Editor: Aaron Todd Associate Editor: Dan Igo Copy Chief: Bill Riley Designer: George Choi Advertising To advertise in the GPWA Times, please e-mail: Subscriptions For a FREE subscription to the GPWA Times Magazine, visit: ISSN 1941-9872 26 Cover Story: Playing by Taxing Rules Lorien Pilling believes that affiliates must decide for themselves which regulatorymodels will provide them with the best chances for success as governments around the world introduce newgambling legislation in their quest for additional revenue sources. 49 Federal or State? – The Great U.S. iGaming Regulation Debate iMEGA’s Joe Brennan makes the case for state regulation and the PPA’s John Pappas explains why he favors legislation at the federal level. 12 SEO Psychology for Affiliates Paul Reilly explains why affiliates must overcome psychological barriers if they want to perform SEO effectively. One bit of advice: observe the masses and do the opposite. 8 Full Tilt Poker’s (Fake) Facebook Wall Our editorial team has a little fun imagining what Full Tilt Poker’s Facebook page would look like in the “face”of their refusal so far to pay American players the money they owe them. ALSO IN THIS ISSUE 20 The Drought Is Over! Football Is Back! by Sinead Lambert 24 Five Diversification Strategies for Poker Affiliates Post Black Friday, by Jeremy Enke 30 Regulators! Mount Up! by Vin Narayanan 54 Gambling and the Law: California’s Unnecessary Delay, by I. Nelson Rose DEPARTMENTS 4 Webmaster News 6 By the Numbers 7 Cartoon Caption Contest 16 From the GPWA Forums 25 Event Calendar 34 Affiliate Interview Series 56 Affiliate Manager Interview 60 GPWA Sponsors 64 APCW’s Wall of Shame