GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 18 - October 2011

My goodness. Things were tense before (see cartoon below), but in the latest episode of our favorite affiliate’s whirlwind romance, it appears that “meeting Mom and Dad” was an unmitigated disaster, with Dad’s reaction to his daughter’s true love indicating that perhaps he wasn’t entirely captivated by the young man’s charms – or by his prospects. Is there still hope for our hero? Only time will tell. Meanwhile, please tell us what’s going on here. Go to the forums at and submit your caption for this cartoon.We’ll take a look at all the entries and pick the one we think is the funniest.The winner will be announced in our next issue and will receive a free copy of the iGaming Business Directory. Drawings by Ben Riley, CAPTION CONTEST This Issue’s Cartoon Last Issue’s Cartoon A magic moment? Probably not. Smoking in bed? Probably not a good thing. Your assignment was to put words in their mouths. And you did a bang-up job! Thanks to one and all. The Winner is . . . GPWA Girl: “These are my terms – You must send me at least one bunch of flowers every three months, I will deduct any ‘bonuses’ I give you from your paycheck and I may end the relationship at any time I see fit if you aren’t ‘performing.’” GPWA Guy: “I love it when you talk dirty.” — pokerbanter Congratulations to “pokerbanter,” who wins a free iGaming Business Directory. And the runners up . . . “Yes, I assure you that WAS a long-tailed keyword!!” – pompeyrayuk “You didn’t tell me you were a Mac user. . . I feel so dirty.” – AWH-Gemma “Release stress and then visit the GPWA forum? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.” – pumacat “So . . . we have a great conversion ratio – why don’t we go for an exclusive partnership?” “Um . . . that’s great, but I’m really not looking at lifetime value here.” – bonusbetting Caption Contest