GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 19 - February 2012

By Paul Reilly A ll too often SEO is mystifying; the Google Web spam team disseminates fear, un- certainty and doubt (FUD); SEO propagates this FUD and suddenly we feel scared to tread; the path seems too long and the journey impossible. Furthermore, new potential affiliates feel over- whelmed or perhaps think they’vemissed the boat. “If only I’d started this five years ago, I could be earning money.” “I’ve missed the good times; there’s no money in this anymore.” I’ve had these thoughts myself, and they lead to a mental block on progressing as an affiliate. The truth is it’s easier than SEO consultants and agencies would have you think. If I were to tell you that you can position a brand-new website on the first page of Google in under two weeks on a shoestring budget, would you believe me? Well, it’s true. I’ve not only done it once, I’ve done it countless times. It requires two things: 1. A soft market 2. An exact-match domain I hear rumors of exact-matchdomains having their weighting reduced. I have not seen any evidence of this being the case other than a few affiliates who were removed from a select number of SERPs for high-value phrases in super-competitive markets. The steps required to get from a standing start to page-one ranking are detailed in this article. Consider this an easy, step-by-step road map to page-one Google success. S tep 1 – Choose a product There are a few considerations when choosing a product to promote. Popularity, competition and ability to accept deposits in a given territo- ry are just some of the things you need to think about when choosing a product to promote. You may want to stick to what you know and a plan to do what you love, or you may decide to make this decision based on the commercial opportunity – the choice is yours! You may decide to promote a multiproduct site. If you’re planning such a site, I recommend tackling one product at a time until each prod- uct is generating a positive return on your SEO investment. Before you commit to a single- product or multiproduct affiliate site, you need to consider the territory you want to market in. S tep 2 – GEO keyword research Pick a soft or emerging market where opera- tors are able to accept deposits. I’ll leave this bit up to you to do (hey . . . come on, now . . . you didn’t think I was going tell you everything, did you?). You should also get a local native speak- er to help you with the keyword research. You can find great people on Once you figure out the keywords used to search for your favored product, ask your newly hired help whether accents or diacritical characters are used locally when searching. This can be key: if all the big-phrase, exact-match domains in the local TLD are taken, availability will help you finalize which territory you want to kick things off in. S tep 3 – Choose a territory Taking into account relative competition, avail- ability of local-language exact-match domains and macroeconomic and cultural factors, the next step is simply to take clear, decisive action. Research the following: • What is a typical salary for various job roles in my target territory? – This will help you judge typical wager amounts. • Is there a gambling culture inmy target territo- ry? – Again, an indicator of typical wagering. • Do regulatory issues prohibit impulse depos- iting via credit card? – This will provide an indicator of sign-up–to–deposit conversion. • Can I acquire an exact-match domain, either on a local TLD or a neutral TLD (.net/.org/.com)? – This will determine how easily you’ll be able to rank in your chosen territory. • When I Google my product’s primary local- language keyword (bingo, casino, betting, poker), do I see nonlocal results accompa- How to position a brand-new site on Google page 1 in under two weeks 50 How to position a brand-new site on Google page 1 in under two weeks