GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 19 - February 2012

Tell us about When and why did you start it? And what are you most proud of? The site started about five years ago out of a personal in- terest in no-deposit bonuses. I figured if I was interested in them, other people must be as well. I’mmost proud of my oldest losing his first tooth the other night (red and green sprin- kles for “fairy dust” under the pillow) and my youngest got his green belt last night (he wants to be a ninja when he grows up). His favorite joke at the moment is: Him: “Knock-knock.” Me: “Who’s there?” Him: “Interrupting cow.” Me: “Inter-” Him: “MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” He’s “three and three-quarters.” I tend to use parentheses and quotes a lot, sorry. (We’ll all just have to “deal with it.”) Are you still thinking about adding live dealer and/or mobile sections to the site? Yes, still thinking about a mobile/live section . . . just haven’t gotten around to it. You list/offer hundreds of no-deposit bonuses on your website, and you grade each one of them. How do you assign your grades? And how do you keep track of all of those no-deposit bonuses? I grade the bonuses based upon how much money I make, to be honest. I lose track of bonuses all the time . . . some programs are better than others at updating me when they decide to make a change. Some just make a change and then let me know after I get a ton of player complaints. Usually, it goes like this: Me: “Hey, I’ve been getting complaints that ‘NDBN13’ isn’t being accepted.” Random Aff Manager: “Oh yeah, we stopped accepting that.” Me: (sigh . . .) Are there fewer no-deposit bonuses available in poker and bingo? Is the no- deposit business model is a good one for either poker or bingo? Definitely fewer in poker. Most bingo sites seem to have a no-deposit offer, but I make more money with casino sites so that’s where I tend to spend my time. What’s one thing you really want to do with your site right now, but simply haven’t had a chance to do yet? Getting additional languages up and running . . . almost there now, finally. How long have you been involved in the industry? What drew you to the business? About five years. I noticed an “Affiliates” link one day at the bot- tom of Club Player Casino when I was playing their $65 free chip. That’s how it all got started. Are you a full-time online gambling af- filiate, or do you hold down another job as well? Full-time since November 2008. What do you like about the industry? The money and traveling to conferences . . . hanging out with some of my favorite affiliate managers . . . drinking mojitos at 10 a.m. under the guise of “networking.” What don’t you like about the indus- try? The seemingly random unannounced changes that occur on a regular basis with respect tomy bonuses. When the U.S. DOJ seizes funds from processors. Just having to trust that I’m not being “shaved,” since there’s no real way to police that. What surprised you most about the in- dustry? How much of it is based in Israel. How do you manage your “to-do” lists? Do you use any special software to help you out? StatsRemote is a lifesaver. The rest of my daily tasks I have to slog through on my own. . . . Time management is one of the big- gest issues facing affiliates. What time- management tips can you offer your fellow webmasters? None. My time- management skills are atrocious. I was in the middle of some hugely important work, so I interrupted myself and spent 20 min- utes answering interview questions, then surfed for an hour, had coffee with my wife, then the kids woke up, so I got them ready for school, drove them to school, stopped off at Starbucks, had a skinny vanilla latte, figured I could use a shower too, had breakfast, answered a cou- ple more interview questions, checked out the Leafs message board (lost to the Bruins last night, again),, Facebook, remembered what I was doing prior to get- ting these interview questions, finished that, came back to this, then underdog- for a while – I’m like a goldfish. Look at this side of the bowl, look at THIS side of the bowl, LOOK AT THIS SIDE of the bowl. I’m so easily distracted it’s crazy. ADD for sure. My only tip would be to avoid the Internet entirely, but that seems some- what counterproductive in our business. How much time does it take to keep your site updated? Depends on how many updates there are, I suppose. You recently characterized yourself as “a former problem gambler.” How did you deal with that problem? Do you gamble at all now? Is it difficult to con- tinue to work in this industry, consid- ering your personal history? Online, I stick to the $1.35 9 a.m. Turbo knockout tournament on PokerStars. My balance tends to fluctuate between $50 and $100. One day, I’ll win the whole thing and buy a new pair of shoes or a waffle-maker. I go to Vegas once a year during WSOP and play the deep stack tournaments and a considerable amount of pai-gow, but I stick to a budget. Gambling is not a prob- lem for me anymore (no, seriously, it’s not – don’t giggle). Except for Grande Vegas and their stupid policy of paying affiliate commission into a player account . . . I’m a VIP there. GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES TIM GLENN tg12345 He’s a Golden Tee champ – but sometimes he’s just a goldfish GPWA Affiliate Interview Series