GPWA Times - Issue 20 - March 2012

What’s to like about our industry? These webmasters can tell you. This issue’s affiliate roundup includes five enterprising individuals aged 31 to 42 from the U.K., Austria, Spain and the USA. Before taking the plunge into online gaming they thought long and hard about what they would offer players – and then they jumped right in. Their success so far ranges from modest to spectacular, and they’re all engaged in constant fine- tuning of their sites and their business plans. What do they like about being gambling webmasters? One of them could very well be speaking for all five when he says, “You can do your job without any pressure. If you do more, more (money) will come back – and all of this without a fixed location. So it’s a win-win situation.” *Due to space constraints,we could not print the interviews in their entirety.The complete text will be posted at GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES ANDY EDWARDS Madabout Media Tell us about your site. What distin- guishes it from other bingo sites? I believe our site has a simple and el- egant design, which makes navigating around the site really easy. Plus our re- views have been written with the player in mind, making sure that everything they need to know or check for is within the first fold. This also keeps the visitor on the site for longer and helps bring the bounce rate and exit rate down. When did you launch your site? February 2006. When you’re evaluating bingo rooms to promote, what key factors are you looking at? What makes a good bingo room? I look at the brand, the promotions, what platform the bingo room is hosted on, the initial affiliate sign-up offer and what this goes back to after the trial period. I also check to see if my competitors are promoting the room, and if they aren’t, why not? When you’re looking at bingo affili- ate programs to work with, what key factors are you looking for? Is their program well known? Will they be able to convert the traffic we can send them? There is a lot of talk in the poker community about player liquidity. How important are large player pools in bingo? I believe a large player pool in bingo is a must. Bingo players in general are a lot more recreational than their poker-playing counterparts. They don’t have a bankroll and tend to play just for fun. They play with and tend to deposit a lot less than poker players, so in order for affiliates to make any de- cent revenue from a bingo site we need to have a decent active player pool on each brand. What are the most important fac- tors you weigh when considering whether or not to promote a site? I look at whether or not it’s a well- known brand on a well-known plat- form, and whether I believe the player will stay loyal to the site or just bonus- hunt the site. Also, has the site got a good customer relationship manage- ment team and will they struggle to convert the bonus hunter into a full- time depositor? You mentioned recently that you’re trying to “Google Panda–proof” your site.What can you tell us about your progress and your motivation for doing this? We, like many other sites on the Web, were hit by Google Panda 2.5.2 on October 13 last year. At first I couldn’t understand why, so I started to do a lot of research into Panda and looked at what big compa- nies had also been hit and what they had done to have bounced back. With Google announcing 500-plus updates to its algorithm a year and Panda tweaks happening every three to four weeks, I want to make sure that the site can ride out the current storm and come out of it stronger and more Panda-proofed as a result. Panda-proofed and ready to grow! Age:31 Living in:Widnes,Halton,U.K. FavoriteFood:Indian MustReadBook: Screw It, Let’s Do It, by Richard Branson