GPWA Times - Issue 20 - March 2012

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES You operate nine sites, eight of which offer sports betting – either exclu- sively or along with poker and/or ca- sino games – and one that is dedicated to poker. The site that appears to be drawing the most traffic is Apuesta10. com, which offers sportsbook, casino games and poker. Why do you think this is your most popular site? Our company is divided by sectors and coun- tries. In Portugal, we mainly operate with (poker) and Xpunter. com (betting). In Spain the betting sector is my responsibility. Poker is also very im- portant to the business. The site that has the most traffic is the poker site, closely followed by the bet- ting network. In addition to our own betting network, we also deliver third-party content man- agement systems for sports betting. For example, we manage the school’s betting website (apuestas. We have two very strong projects which will be released in the coming days. The first will be to manage the betting network of , which is one of the sites with the highest volume of traffic on a global scale. Likewise we plan to do some- thing similar with the Fanscup network, In answer to your question, our poker net- work is the most popular (one of the rea- sons is that it has been the Web pioneer of poker in Spain and has been running for more than seven years). The betting net- work was set up three years ago and has experienced significant growth. When did you launch your sites? (first www.texasholdem-, then was launched in 2004 and was the first site dedicated exclusively to online poker. Apuesta10 started to take shape toward the end of 2009 and launched inDecember 2009. Initially the site was under the alias of and in 2010 this changed to its current corporate name of For those of us not living in Spain, please explain what “friki” means, as in “Apuesta 10 friki.” Is that site targeting “freaky” bettors? Indeed, our tipsters placed many “special” bets – betting, for example, on the Oscars or who would be evicted from Big Brother . These particu- lar bets had a large following, so we de- cided to create a dedicated site. We keep hearing that horse racing around the world is in decline. How is Apuesta10Caballos doing right now, compared to a year ago or five years ago? This section has gone through several ups and downs. It became our second most visited website but then dropped down to one of the last posi- tions. It was actually due mainly to in- ternal problems in managing the site rather than lack of interest. We are cur- rently doubling our efforts to provide quality content but I could not tell you if there is a widespread decline. How did you become involved in the industry? The founder of the company, who is also a friend, offered me the opportunity to become his business partner and take control of the betting aspect. The reason for this was that he was unable to dedicate sufficient time to both the poker and the betting. Given that the company was already es- tablished and in the market it was not dif- ficult to adapt. How long did it take for you to start earning money? We started to see in- come approximately six months after the launch of the site. Since then we have been reinvesting every year in order to have a strong and solid structure. How much time and financial resourc- es do you devote to SEO and social networking in order to drive more traf- fic to your sites? Our strength is not attracting clients or devoting resources to SEO. What we do have is a great com- munity and we are very loyal to our users. There are companies that are very strong in SEO in Spain and we have decided not to compete with these companies, which spend 90 percent of their resources in this area. Our growth is around 10 percent per month, but almost 100 percent of our us- ers stay loyal to us. Being content managers to third-party companies has helped to gain more traf- fic, even if not 100 percent for us. What traits do you look for in an affili- ate manager? How about in an affiliate program? In an affiliate manager it is par- amount to know the sector. You have to be flexible when assessing the traffic and singularities of each site. There are many affiliate managers who are only interested in value players without assessing other circumstances that can add value to their brand – for example, loyalty to a client in a sportsbook or trying to extend a user’s life to keep him or her as long as possible. I prefer the affiliate programs that are clear and user-friendly. DANIEL betapuestas Create an innovative, attractive site and you’ll reap the benefits Age:34 Hometown:Ferrol(LaCoruña),Galicia,Spain Living in:LaCoruña FavoriteFood:Pasta MustReadBook: The Pillars of the Earth, by Ken Follett Sites:,,,, ,,,, GPWA Affiliate Interview Series