GPWA Times - Issue 20 - March 2012

Affiliate Manager Interview Series What is the last book you read? Did you enjoy it? And did you read it on an eReader? Or do you need to have a copy of the physical book in your hand? That was one of the latest books by the French science-fiction writer Bernard Werber. I guess I’ve read most of his books. I like them because they dif- fer from the work of the majority of the contemporary authors. And I still prefer good old books, but I was considering buying an eReader last week, by the way! If you had a theme song, what would it be? Radiohead – “Karma Police.” What is your favorite movie? This is a tough one. I do not really enjoy most of the modern Hollywood stuff, so I would probably choose something from the classics. . . . Let it be The Good, the Bad and the Ugly . I’ve watched it quite a few times! If you could go anywhere on va- cation, where would you go? I am an experienced traveler, having vis- ited 25 countries, but all of them are in Europe. So I guess the ideal plan for a vacation would be going somewhere out of Europe next time! If you could have dinner with three other people, living or dead, who would they be? Michael Jordan, Robert Smith from The Cure and Mark Zuckerberg. What would you do if you just inherited a pizzeria from your uncle? I’d redesign it into a sports bar. It is one of my dreams! What are three things that no one knows about you? I’ve already told about my dream of owning a sports bar. Let’s keep other secrets for the next time! Yachting Poker has been open for about six months. How is player acquisition going? Do you have the liquidity to oper- ate on your own? Or isYachting Poker part of an established online poker network? Yachting Poker has had its challenges since we launched, both technical and in regards to players. People who have played poker before recog- nized that the software is cutting edge with many features on par with some of the bigger rooms. However, achieving a perfect bal- ance of activity and va- riety of tournaments available for all types of poker players takes time. With the partners we now have, the net- work has begun to show its capabilities in han- dling a large amount of different players. What do affiliates need to know about Yachting Poker in or- der to effectively mar- ket the brand to their players? What dis- tinguishes Yachting Poker from other on- line poker rooms, both in terms of the player experience and what you offer affiliates? The technical and poker operations team behind Yachting Poker have worked together for many hours with poker players and experienced people in the indus- try, developers and designers, to try and combine unique features and expand on the popular game. Players will find a user-friendly experience to get them into the poker action. Affiliates will find a platform that has been complete- ly overhauled and is being devel- oped to meet the demands they have in reporting, stats and tools to enhance their performance. Yachting Poker is part of the B3W Affiliation group. B3W of- fers a great deal of flexibility in terms of commission plans, with affiliates able to choose among revenue share, CPA and a hybrid plan. Do poker affili- ates have the same flexibility? And what advantages do these various plans offer? Every deal is assessed by many factors. Being flexible has helped us establish partnerships with affiliates op- erating in many countries and business models. Poker affiliates are currently developing their business and are doing what is required to accommodate today’s new poker players and also work- ing with experienced players. Our commission plans help them to become profitable and efficient. Describe the structure at B3W Affiliates. How many affiliate managers work on the team? And do you only work with affili- ates on the poker side of things? Do affiliates work with mul- tiple affiliate managers if they also promote Yachting Casino, Duel5 Casino and Casino Colpo Grosso? B3W Affiliation is com- prised of a team of people who take care of the administration of the platform, and every casino and poker room has its own affiliate manager. I am specifically dedicat- ed to the Yachting Poker brand. Of course, affiliates can promote more than one brand within the B3W Affiliation platform. Some brands, especially those focusing on Europe, use sports betting sites to acquire custom- ers for their other products (casi- nos, poker, etc.).That’s not a path you’ve chosen to travel.What ad- vantages, if any, do you feel you have operating without a sports- book? What disadvantages do you feel you have working with- out a sportsbook? B3W Group had most of their experience in developing their own casino games and have quite a portfolio that proves their success with casinos. The advantage is that from initial concept to the launch of Yachting Poker most of the development and technical teams focused on the pok- er product and software that would contribute to a quality poker experi- ence. I think we have achieved that on some scale with our poker cus- tomers. I agree that a sportsbook product may very well have helped boost network liquidity and this is- “Being flexible has helped us establish partnerships with affiliates operating in many countries and business models.” NICK VLACHOS Yachting Poker Affiliates (B3W) Affiliate Manager Interview Series