GPWA Times - Issue 21 - May 2012

You’ve told us that you don’t actually have an office (just a “gambling room”) but you work 11 or 12 hours a day, seven days a week, because you’re currently “in start-up mode.” Any indications that you might eventually be able to cut back on that schedule a little bit? Yeah, there’s a fair chance that in the next 12 months or so I could relax that a little. The real issue is do I want to? I’m a workaholic and love what I do. I’m not somebody that’s particularly good at slowing down. How long do you give yourself for answering e-mail? What e-mail tips can you offer? I try to answer all e-mail as quickly as possible. As frustrated as you might be, always be polite and friendly. You can refuse or disagree with the contents of some- one’s e-mail to you, but at the end of the day they’re your busi- ness partner. That means that while your views may be diverging today, new opportunities to profit could be on the horizon tomor- row and if you’ve burned personal bridges over business matters it’s a lot harder to access those profits. How do you manage your “to-do” lists? Do you use any spe- cial software to help you out? At the moment my “to-do” list is a notebook. It’s been coping so far. How much time does it take to keep your site updated? Well, I work 11 or 12 hours a day. That gets broken down into e-mail, phone calls, content generation and site upkeep. All of it I con- sider to be part of keeping the site updated. How much time do you devote to SEO and/or social net- working in order to drive more traffic to your site? It var- ies depending on what I’ve got to do. Personally I don’t consider SEO to be mutually exclusive to the rest of the work on my site. If I’m working on an article that I know is going to generate a lot of backlinks – is that content generation or SEO? As to social media, it hasn’t been a major priority up till now, but will be a lot more important to me in the near future. If someone were visiting you, what’s the one place you’d definitely take them to see? The Gurkha Café restaurant. There are quite a few cat-lovers in the GPWA ranks, and you’re definitely one of them. You posted recently that cur- rently you have two cats. Tell us a little about them. Any other pets around your house? I have a very large ginger and white long-haired male called WeeMan who’s the most placid creature you’re ever likely to meet and a very small ginger and white short-haired female called Witch who’s always racing about and wanting to play. Fortunately – even though she’s fully grown – she’s too small to hurt you even if she tries. We also have a couple of guinea pigs and a fish. What’s your favorite vacation spot? I guess I’d say New York, but not the city itself. We’ve got friends living a little further out. If you could have one “superpower,” what would it be, and why? Who says I don’t have lots already? What’s your favorite TV show or shows – any programs that you make it a point to see when they’re aired for the first time? I never watch TV shows when they’re broadcast. If I want to see something I’ll wait and get it on DVD. There are a few I’m looking forward to picking up in the near future – Game of Thrones and the new seasons of Dexter and Breaking Bad are the highlights. What’s your all-time favorite movie? Ghostbusters . No expla- nation required. If you were shooting your autobiography, whom would you cast to play you? My life seriously isn’t interesting enough for me to drag any actor into that career-ending role. If you could invite any five people, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be? I’d only invite two: illusionist-mentalist Derren Brown and gambling expert James Grosjean. I’m sure some interesting ideas would occur if those two met up. What are three things that nobody knows about you? 1. Many years ago I ran a music reviews website. 2. I’ve toured with Machine Head. 3. I’ve done press for both Iron Maiden and Metallica. 57 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series