GPWA Times - Issue 21 - May 2012

What effect do you think that regulated U.S. online gambling will have on affiliates when (if) it comes? I think regulation will make the industry more accountable, which is the way it should be. In one of our weekly polls, you asked people not to con- tact their hosting companies to inquire about their policy on hosting sites that promoted online casinos. Why do you think that’s a bad idea? Like the old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Those days were panic-stricken days for the gaming industry. You don’t want to start something with the hosting industry now, do you? How long do you give yourself for answering e-mail? What e-mail tips can you offer? Important e-mail is answered im- mediately and the remainder as I feel is needed. How do you manage your “to-do” lists? Do you use any spe- cial software to help you out? No special software here. I use old-fashioned pencil and paper and my PC. I’m trying to incorpo- rate some particular software that could remind me of everything I forget; it’s called “My Wife,” but she is not keen on it. How much time does it take to keep your site updated? It usually takes me a few hours a day, unless I am making changes to my websites; then it takes me longer. How much time do you devote to SEO and/or social network- ing in order to drive more traffic to your site? I devote about an hour every day to social networking. I always go to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Several of our affiliate interviewees for this issue are cat lov- ers – including you. Please tell us about your cats – how you got them, what they’re like, and whether you’re getting any new additions! I didn’t adopt my cats, my cats found me. Sox and Baby are both strays. We found Baby in the garbage at McDonald’s and he was so small, he fit in the palm of my hand. Shortly after Baby came into our home, we realized he was deaf. You would never know it though because he is as smart as a whip. As for Sox, he showed up one day in our yard and he has been here ever since. We put up posters, but no one responded. These guys bring us such joy! We can’t imagine life without them both. Sox and Baby are not pets, they are members of our family. We often refer to Baby as Dennis the Menace because he is like a young child that gets into EVERYTHING. If someone were visiting you, what’s the one place you’d definitely take them to see? I would definitely take a visi- tor to the CN tower because it is one of the tallest buildings in the world. What’s your favorite vacation spot? I don’t do much traveling now, but in the past I visited New Brunswick and I thoroughly enjoyed my stay. I particularly liked the way on one side was the ocean and on the other side was fresh water. I was able to fly fish and I found the people very friendly and hospitable. One couple even invited us for dinner shortly after meeting us. If you could have one “superpower,” what would it be? I wish I had the power to heal because I would like to heal everyone who has cancer and is afflicted with any other ailment or disease. What’s your favorite TV show or shows – any programs that you make it a point to see when they’re aired for the first time? I am not really an avid TV watcher, but when I do watch TV I like the Discovery channel or any channel that I can learn from, whether it be scientific, technical, health, etc. What’s your all-time favorite movie? I don’t really have a fa- vorite all-time movie. I do like to watch old black and white mov- ies. I prefer these because they are lighthearted. I like the old movie stars and I enjoy the music. If you were shooting your autobiography, whom would you cast to play you? The only person I can come up with is de- ceased – Jimmy Stewart. I would choose him because he is quiet and mild mannered like me. If you could invite any five people, living or dead, to dinner, who would they be? My wife is always my first choice – I can’t even imagine myself doing anything without her. My grandpa Tony, who passed away before I was born – I just want to meet him and talk to him once. Pablo Picasso because I love his work and we have something in common: we are both artists. David Suzuki because he is into ecology and science and I admire him. Lucille Ball because she was very talented and hilarious, too. What are three things that nobody knows about you? I am very sensitive, which I cover up by being a barking dog at times. I am an artist. I am technically inclined – I can fix anything. Tony’s cat, Baby Tony’s cat, Sox 59 GPWA Affiliate Interview Series