GPWA Times - Issue 21 - May 2012

It is our pleasure now to introduce you to Yoni Sidi of Winner Affiliates, Adnan Maslo of Come On! earn and Davin Jacobson of Euro Partners. One of them is a professional water skier, another started swimming when he was only three years old, and the third individual says he hates sleeping and gets by on only five hours in any 24-hour period. Take a look at what they have to say about themselves and their programs. If you’re not working with them, maybe you’ll feel like giving them a test run sometime in the near future! Affi liate Manager Interview Series MEET THE A FFILIATE MANAGERS YONI SIDI Winner Affiliates Winner Affiliates is the affiliate pro- gram for Winner Casino, Winner Poker, Winner Casino Mobile and Casino Del Rio. The connection for the first three is clear, but Casino Del Rio is a completely different brand. Does that property attract a different type of player than Winner Casino? Winner brands is more recent and new to the market. It has a great name and is more a New Age media brand. Del Rio is a trusted brand that has been around for some time, always doing well by its users. It has a cer- tain pedigree about it and a great history so its user base is slightly older in terms of lifetime value. How long has Winner Affiliates been in busi- ness? And do you do more business in pok- er or casino games? Winner has been around for nearly two years now, more or less. Being part of the iPoker network means that our poker offering is very good but I would say that our casino business is slightly larger for now. Many European-facing sites offer sports betting as a way to bring in customers, but Winner hasn’t gone that route. Why was this decision made, and do you have any plans to open a sports- book in the future? We know the importance of having a sports product and it is in the pipeline. Winner as a group has been built on the founda- tions of patience and choosing the right partners. We will be launching our sportsbook in August using a great software provider that supplies all the main operators. We have been build- ing the sportsbook team to consist of some of the industry’s top profession- als to make sure that the look and feel of the site are first rate and that the of- fering is attractive as well. It’s one thing to bring in new play- ers. It’s another thing entirely to get them to stick around. What does Winner do to retain players sent by affiliates? I think what we use best is our experience. We have been around since the beginning and have always built our reputation on being able to keep our users longer than others. We will soon be offering a full suite of products that we will cross sell to the users, and we’ll also be focusing on mobile and social elements as we want to be able to contact our users anywhere. What do affiliates need to know about Winner in order to effective- ly market the brand to their play- ers? What distinguishes Winner Affiliates from other affiliate pro- grams, both in terms of the player experience and what you offer af- filiates? Like I said, we have over 10 years’ experience in this business and have grown with the times in terms of what is needed to enable affiliates to thrive. We understand the important things our affiliates need to deliver results and we know it is in our best interest to give them everything they need; they are a crucial part of this cycle. We make sure we always pay on time and make sure that our team of dedicated account managers is always on top of the numbers, ensuring that we are working as effectively as possi- ble, managing every click and impres- sion and optimizing that data – and I would say that is something we pride ourselves on. Winner Affiliates offers both rev share and CPA deals, as well as a hybrid commission structure. Why did you decide to provide so much flexibility in the plans that you of- fer? In today’s market everything is on offer because each affiliate has dif- ferent needs. Some need a short-term solution and others can ride the wave and take a rev share and we under- stand this. For this business to be a success it needs to work for all parties and we know and make sure our affili- ates know that we will do all we can to ensure that they earn money in order to keep promoting us – this is how we want to grow our business, via af- filiates who want to do good business – and also have fun along the way! Describe the office culture at Winner Affiliates. How many affiliate manag- ers work on the team? If there were a fly on the wall, what are some of the topics of conversation it would hear about at the water cooler? There is a great buzz around the place, especially at the moment as we look to launch our new products. The affiliate team is 15 strong with a media team as well as SEO and PPC but they are all young and hungry and get on really well. We have cool nights out over here in Tel Aviv and without doubt the biggest topic of conversation is football, so much so “ When you are wor king with the best it does make yo ur job easier but also sets a bar that you nee d to reach on a daily basis to m ake sure you don’ t do injustice t o the brand.” Affiliate Manager Interview Series