GPWA Times - Issue 21 - May 2012

Affiliate Manager Interview Series All right. Let’s start with the hard stuff. You’ve been on the job at Euro Partners for a short time, so you were not in charge when Euro Partners moved to new re- porting software for its affiliates. The change did not go as planned, and Euro Partners was slow to respond to the frustration of the community. As a result, there is a reservoir of ill will among some affiliates when it comes to Euro Partners. What have you done to try to repair relationships with af- filiates? How much work remains on that front? And what steps are you taking to build trust with the affiliate community? Following the transition of our new software for affiliates we are working more closely with affiliates on and off the forums. We have addressed all bug- related issues, which have now been rectified. We are confident that all system-related bugs have been re- solved. Following feedback from our affiliates we are in the process of up- grading our affiliate backend system to better suit their needs. We have been communicating openly with our affiliates and we are confident that trust has been restored. One of the chief criticisms of Euro Partners through this pro- cess has been that the program has been entirely too slow to address and fix problems, and that even now, problems still ex- ist with the stats, like campaign tracking. You are relatively new with Euro Partners. What sort of institutional issues have you seen with Euro Partners in terms of addressing these sorts of is- sues? And what steps have you taken in terms of fixing them? Since starting with Euro Partners all technical and stats-related is- sues have been resolved immedi- ately. In relation to campaign track- ing there are no such issues and all is in working order. I am positive and optimistic when it comes to our backend system. Affiliate Guard Dog has rated your terms and conditions as predatory. There are three clauses added in the last year that have really both- ered affiliates. Let’s look at these terms one at a time. “Processing Fees. Processing fees of 4% are applicable on all Players’ Deposits andWithdrawals, andwill be deducted from the calculations of your Revenue Commission.” This is a term that is not seen of- ten within in the industry. What is the rationale and thought process behind this? Why did you include it, especially since this effectively reduces commissions you pay out? Many affiliates already pay bank or wire fees to receive their earnings. Why should they absorb operator payment processing costs as well? A large majority of affiliate programs have processing fees and we are one of the first affiliate programs who have chosen to be completely transparent and directly inform our affiliates about DAVIN JACOBSON Euro Par tners ning 42.2k insignificant. I ran with the charity in my mind and it really helped me when I hit that wall. As long as my body can take it I plan to run many more and continue to raise money for the MS Society. To date I have raised over £15,000. You also shot a solid 83 (+11) from the blue tees at Caesarea Golf Club in December last year, but faded at the end of the round, shoot- ing +5 over the last four holes (our research is nothing if not exhaustive). Word is your best score is 79 . . . what happened over the last four holes? And what is your handicap? Wow, you guys are good – a bit scary in fact!! I am addicted to golf and try to play as often as I can (again, I am amazed at your research!!). I do remember that round as at the time it was my best and my best score is in fact 78 (+6). I think the last four holes I must have lost concentra- tion – not that I can remember, but surely your researcher will know?! My handicap now is 12 and I hope going down. In addition to running and golf, what other activities do you enjoy? Playing football for sure is one of them but my new hobby is spend- ing time with my newborn son, Jacob, who is five months old. He is amazing! What’s the best movie food? Salty popcorn! What is the last book you read? Did you enjoy it? And did you read it on an e-read- er? Or do you need to have a copy of the physical book in your hand? I always prefer the physical books and the last book I read was Your 15th Club , by Bob Rotella. It is a book on the mentality of golf and I think it has helped me be “calmer” on the course and definitely saved a few trees from a good beating as well! What is your favorite movie? Of all time? Would probably be Notting Hill as I am a big Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts fan . . . is the cor- rect answer Casino ? If you had a theme song, what would it be? The 8 Mile tune “Lose Yourself,” where Eminem says that you only get one shot. I be- lieve you have to seize the moment in life! If you could go anywhere on vacation, where would you go? Palm Island for three days to relax (I get bored easily) and then St. Lucia for a week of golf. If you could have dinner with three other people, living or dead, who would they be? 1. Albert Einstein – I would love to know what all the fuss is about. 2. Bill Nicholson– youwon’t knowhimbut hewas the TottenhamHotspurs’ most successful man- ager and I would just love to hear his stories. 3. My wife and son – if I am meeting these cool people then they should too. What would you do if you just inherited a pizzeria from your uncle? Make sure it has all the marketing ability that it needs and also make sure it offers a healthy option! Then in- vite all my friends for a closed party! What are three things that no one knows about you? 1. I hate sleeping and live off of max five hours a day. 2. I am a huge Zionist and passionate about Israel as the home of the Jewish people. 3. My family is my life and I will do everything and anything for them. Affiliate Manager Interview Series