GPWA Times Magaine - Issue 23 - February 2013

Top 12 SEO tips for 2013 By Gary R. Beal any of this year’s tips are based on Content Management Systems (CMS). Google has been saying for years that “Content is King,” and now they are proving it – so most of the tips and tools this year deal with targeting content and how to optimize it. I’ll assume you have nothing in place right now, but if you do have an existing web- site a CMS can be added to it very easily, or for $10 at oDesk. Instead of giving people full access to the site to post new pages, you can create a username and password to your CMS and they would log in just as if it were their blog. I pay $6-$10 for writers to create a 100 percent unique 550-word article using SEO techniques that I give them on how to create a proper document. When I hire them I ask if they know Word- Press. If they do not I have a three-step tutorial on PPC-Manag- I teach them how to set the tweaks in the plug-in I have installed, including: 1. SEO Ultimate 2. G+ Button 3. Google Author Tag 4. Facebook Like Button 5. Juggernaut Keywords 6. Tags, Title & Descriptions 7. An Optimized Image 8. RSS Feed 9. Automatic Canonicalization 10.Optimization for Social Networks All this for $6-$10! I have 15 writers and five translators posting to nine blogs for €600 per calendar month. Tip 1 » Install a CMS website You can use Drupal , Magento , WordPress or one of many CMSs. These are beneficial because they have important SEO elements like title tags, URL rewrites and many other SEO en- hancements that work very well. There are many other SEO plug-ins/widgets, including RSS (multiple feed) features, additional social network elements, more on-page SEO and navigational options such as 301 redi- rects and canonicalization. Tip 2 » Use Google’s new rel=author tag and G+ The Google author tag is a new tag that Google has added to al- low authors to claim their hard work. In testing, 70-80 percent of the top 10 rankings in dozens of search results showed that top-10 sites included the author link. Google + Google Plus Page URL will look like this: / 109412257237874861202 rel+author tag <a href=”HTTPS:// rel=author”>Gary Beal</a> Place the above in your post before the </HEAD> WordPress has many plug-ins for this as well. (See image below.) Top 12 SEO tips for 2013