GPWA Times Magaine - Issue 23 - February 2013

Affiliate Manager Interview Series ILAN NACHMANI BrightShare BrightShare brands work ex- clusively with Microgaming software. What is it about Microgaming software that makes BrightShare want to “put all its eggs in one bas- ket,” so to speak? BrightShare is the affiliate program for these brands. In fact, the brands them- selves arewhat createdBrightShare over 10 years ago. At the beginning of the industry, the casinos saw the up-and-coming affiliate market, and realized that partnership with this market would provide a ma- jor opportunity for advancement. The brands decided to create an affiliate program to support their acquisition activities. That is how BrightShare was “born” and has been instrumental in the success of the online casinomarket ever since. This is why BrightShare is dedicat- ed to its Microgaming brands All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino and Wild Jack Casino. The Microgaming software has a stellar reputation for qual- ity and reliability, which stems from nearly 20 years of experi- ence in developing online casino software. As well, no other soft- ware provider offers the num- ber and variety of games that Microgaming does. At the mo- ment, between the Viper down- load and Flash platforms, there are more than 650 unique games! One major advantage Microgaming has over the competition is the ro- bust mobile casino offering as part of its online casino package. Many other mobile casinos out there are stand-alone, and by providing a mobile app that complements the Viper download and Flash plat- forms, Microgaming’s mobile ca- sino solutions offer an enormous asset in a world which is becoming increasingly mobile-savvy. Our casinos have been working with Microgaming for over a de- cade now, and have developed strong strategic ties with them. They are often selected to test new features, giving players the oppor- tunity to enjoy the latest games, while Microgaming collects our feedback and uses our casinos’ in- put to refine their developments. This is a very valuable relationship and it grows stronger every year. What are some of the major dif- ferences among the BrightShare brands? Is the clientele for All Slots Casino different from VIP Lounge Casino, for example? What do affiliates need to know about each brand to most effec- tively promote them? All Slots Casino is our flagship brand. It is our largest and most popular. In addition to a robust download casino and Flash instant-play ca- sino, All Slots Casino proudly of- fers mobile casino platforms that support every device – iPhone, Android, BlackBerry and more. All Slots Casino has been in busi- ness since 2001 and has developed a strong reputation for offering great casino entertainment at an excellent value with generous bo- nuses offered on a regular basis, and for standing by its commit- ments to pay its players promptly. Obviously with a name like “All Slots,” slot games are a main fo- cus, and in addition to its selection of video poker and table games, this brand is well known for the quantity and variety of its slots. The casino releases new games almost every month, so there’s al- ways something new to see there. The VIP Lounge Casino is an ex- clusive gaming suite for the high rollers from All Slots Casino, All Jackpots Casino and First Web Casino. It isopenby invitationonly, to players who have truly proven themselves at its sister casinos. While there is no direct means of joining the VIP Lounge Casino, it of- fers a unique advantage to players at our group. Our casinos’ top players enjoy an exclusive gaming destina- tion, and get to experience true VIP treatment with generous offers, in- credible perks and first-class service. All Jackpots Casino is a classic brand geared toward players who are motivated by large jackpots and are driven to win. The casino has a European elegance and at- tracts players who are looking to win the big one. Wild Jack Casino is actually the most established casino that we represent. It launched in 1999, and has since developed as an ex- cellent brand with a distinct table games focus. The casino’s slogan is “Make Your Play.” It has an edgy, sleek and sophisticated style that generally appeals to a young- er, male audience. Wild Jack Casino also offers mobile casino platforms, suitable for any device, rounding out its attractive offering. When you look at our casinos, you’ll find that they each offer ex- citing promotions and benefits, and we are proud to support them all with a wide variety of quality marketing materials. Do most of your affiliates pro- mote all of the BrightShare brands? Or do affiliates tend to pick and choose the brands that are right for them? They pick and choose according to their strategies, target markets and their individual needs, but having said that, All Slots Casino is the brand most commonly pro- moted by our affiliates. One of the major advantages of BrightShare is its focus on mobile casinos with All Slots Mobile and Wild Jack Mobile. What percentage of your play- ers are mobile players? And what percentage of your play- ers utilize both the mobile and traditional online casino platforms? Both of our mobile casinos have been live for over five years and both are promoted heavily as they are a significant part of our marketing mix. Many players play both online on their PCs and on their mobile devices, so it’s not a fair assessment to Affiliate Manager Interview Series