GPWA Times Magaine - Issue 23 - February 2013

Affiliate Manager Interview Series LEE-ANN JOHNSTONE NETELLER You’ve been in online market- ing and affiliate marketing for around 10 years. What are the biggest differences in the in- dustry compared to when you started? The technology to track ROI has become more sophisti- cated, which means we can mea- sure and learn from success and failure to improve business and revenues literally by the hour. Affiliates have always been the most innovative individuals I have ever met – they totally grasp new concepts and find ways to mon- etize and use channels that others find confusing. This is particularly relevant in the advancement of so- cial media as an additional chan- nel for online monetization. The industry has evolved significantly from one man with a laptop to af- filiates actually being independent small businesses creating jobs for graduates and growing into a multi-billion-dollar industry. It’s been quite a ride! How do affiliates make money promoting NETELLER? Affiliates make money from NETELLER every time their players deposit at any merchant site. Essentially, working with us means that af- filiates add an additional revenue stream to their existing business model by monetizing the custom- ers they convert to operator sites twice. It’s a no brainer. Every time players deposit at an operator using their NETELLER account – the affiliate earns commission from the merchant and a commis- sion from us based on the fees we generate for processing that de- posit transaction. You’ve worked with operators like Centrebet, Party Gaming, The Sun Bingo and Game Account and now you’re work- ing with an eWallet. How is your approach to working with af- filiates different in comparison to working with an operator? And how is it the same? The approach is exactly the same – the only difference is the way the program margins work. Players wager on operator sites, and you earn commission for the lifetime of the player. At NETELLER, ev- ery time the customer deposits at an operator site you earn a lifetime commission – no mat- ter where that player plays over his or her lifetime. Our affiliates earn a lifetime percentage rev- enue share from the revenue we make from operators when we process these customers’ depos- its to the operator site. Obviously as an operator you are working against much stiffer com- petition to get affiliates to promote your brand. The differentials be- tween brands are essentially the same no matter what brand you are working with. At NETELLER our affiliate pro- gram is unique. We not only pay affiliates an uncapped lifetime rev- enue share for every member they deliver (we do not cap earnings per player), we also have added USPs for customers such as free money transfers between members and a free Prepaid MasterCard that is associated to the member’s eWal- let. These services all contribute to providing gamers with additional incentives to use NETELLER as their preferred payment method. We look to enhance affiliate earn- ings – not detract from their ex- isting business model, which is geared towards converting their site traffic to operator sites. What’s the toughest hurdle you have to clear in convincing affili- ates to work with NETELLER? The toughest hurdle is explaining the mechanics of how an affiliate earns revenue with our program and why it makes sense to work with us in conjunction with the op- erators they currently promote on their sites. Everyone knows what an eWallet is, how it is used and why players use it to manage their activities online. However, no one is looking at it laterally to see how an eWallet affiliate program can also enhance your earnings (with very little additional effort) and save time and money running and managing their affiliate business. Affiliates can use their eWallet to manage cash flow in their business (receivingcommissions,payingcred- itors and reducing financial costs). Working with NETELLER also in- creases affiliates’ conversion to op- erator sites – especially when they are expanding their sites to target traffic in emerging markets where deposits are not as straightforward as regulatedmarkets. Themore affil- iates can pre-educate their custom- ers on the value of using an eWallet to play online – the better the chance that the customers convert once di- rected to an operator site to deposit and play, which ultimately leads to more commissions being earned. The fact that we also pay un- capped lifetime revenue share means affiliates continue to earn an additional revenue stream from those converted players they sent to a merchant site – long after they stop playing at that merchant. How much NETELLER business is generated by affiliate market- ing? A significant amount of our new customer registration comes in from affiliate acquisition – this is a vital program within the business and we have focused an enormous amount of skilled resources and marketing budget towards grow- ing our programs further. In 2012 alone we ran several successful affiliate promotions giving thou- sands of dollars away in affiliate cash incentives and prizes. These promotions were very well received – and our affiliates have asked for more of the same going forward! What differentiates NETELLER from other eWallet and online payment options – both as a product and an affiliate pro- gram? I would say that the big- gest differentiator is that our pro- gram does not cap revenue earned Affiliate Manager Interview Series