GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 24 - April 2013

GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES Question everything, and don’t invest in cigarettes, alcohol or loose women Your site,, is a German-language roulette site. How popular is roulette in Germany com- pared to other forms of betting? Rou- lette in Germany is by far the most popu- lar game. In second place are slots. Then come poker and blackjack. Sports betting is not available in German casinos. In addition to affiliate links, you sell a roulette “system” on your site. How does your affiliate revenue compare with the revenue you make selling “The Trick”? First and foremost, my page is an information blog. Selling a good rou- lette system for a fair price is no problem. Players lose less, guaranteed, and have a chance to exist in the long term at roulette. The system is a one-off sale. I see revenue from the banners as medium-term in- vestment. There are many websites that promote the Martingale system, carrying players to ruin. And on purpose! That’s not my intention. Money is not everything. Is there really a system that can beat a fixed-odds game with a house edge like roulette? Does beating roulette rely on imperfections in the wheel or the re- peated actions of the croupier? If so, is it possible to have a system that could give the player an edge over online rou- lette? Between a real casino and an online casino there is no difference. The numbers are the same in the long run. Nobody lives 10,000 years, which is how long it would take to experience the minute differences between RNG and live numbers. There are many ways to survive roulette. In the 1960s, for example there was a professional player who watched the players much more than he watched the tables. He bet against losers on the even chances. I have myself often practiced this with success. The pitch is stronger then Lady Luck. Sci- ence is one thing. Empiricism is another. OK, so we’re not going to pay €100 to learn your system, but can you let us in on a few of the details? It is a sys- tem which attacks the average appear- ance frequencies. Eight out of 11 days at the casino have little or no extremes. Many play on major trends, but the cur- rent approach is more common. This often takes 30 or more spins. The aim is to discipline yourself. You have to be mentally able to finish the day with 1/20 of the capital, maybe after a few spins. Have you seen the film Run Lola Run? If so, what is your opinion of the roulette scene in the movie, where Lola wins two consecutive single-number wagers to turn 100 marks into 126,000? I saw the movie a long time ago. The casino scene was shot in the foyer of Berlin’s Schöne- berg town hall. The casino in the external view in the beginning of the scene is the Berlin Kronprinzenpalais. The casino pit boss in the scene is not an actor. He is now the technical director of Berlin’s Casino. A paroli (Let it ride) on a single number, as seen in the scene you mention, is the crown of the roulette game. Therefore the player must of course be cold like a dog’s snout and have a lot of money in his pock- et. Anyone can experience a paroli on a single number. On average it will succeed once in about four years if you try it once every day. It could take 30 years, or hap- pen on the first day. The film is a beautiful interpretation of the Butterfly Effect theme. In the casino scene, there are of course some things that are not correct. When the movie was made in 1998, German ca- sinos had a strict dress code. Dressed the way she was, Lola wouldn’t have gained admission into a real German casino at that time. Also, Lola was admitted for free; new guests have to pay a fee. And when Lola wins the 100 chip, she does not tip. In Germany there is an unwritten law that a player who hits a number must give 1 piece (100) for the casino work- ers. After her first hit she bet everything (100 + 3,500). This is impossible in Ger- many. The maximum on a single number is commonly between 200 and 400. In Berlin, the maximum on a single num- ber at the high roller table (minimum 50) was 1,000. A single-number bet of 3,600 is impossible. On a normal table you can try of course a single-number paroli. Bet €10, giving €10 for the casino workers and bet again €350. But this is only for fun be- cause nobody knows how long it will take until the lucky day comes. A very beautiful casino movie for me is The Cooler , with William H. Macy. This movie has more reality than you may think. Unlucky people who can contami- nate a roulette table actually exist! And here’s a must see: Owning Ma- howny . It is based on true facts. The lead is played by Philip Seymour Hoffman. No other film captures the misery of addic- tion so closely. The movie is a pearl that will be shown on German television again and again and again. When did you launch your site? Last year in June. How did you become involved in the in- dustry? Through a friend. LEOPOLD Roulette Zeitung Age: 62 Hometown: Waldershof Living in: Germany Favorite Food: Scrambled eggs from happy chickens Must Read Book: Moby-Dick , by Herman Melville Site: GPWA Affiliate Interview Series