GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 26 - October 2013

WordPress vs. Joomla: Can you love them both? FROM THE GPWA FORUMS Sometimes a seemingly simple one- sentence question can yield a complex answer with a robust debate. This thread from the GPWA SEO forum features webmasters detailing the relative strengths and weaknesses of two of the major content management systems available on the Web today: WordPress and Joomla. #1 BlackjackInfo (Private Member) Do you use Joomla or WordPress for your gambling sites? Reply With Quote #6 universal4 (Security/Membership Team) I was about to stick up Joomla just to have a play with it. . . . I had always heard it was more complicated to get going but also had a lot of features. Has anyone ever put this on a Windows server? Any caveats doing so? Reply With Quote #7 Davemerry (Private Member) I use both on a day-to-day basis. WordPress is easier, Joomla is a lot more flexible when you learn how to use it. I’d choose Joomla over WP, but only because I’ve been using it for 2-3 years now. Reply With Quote #2 Boljoro (Private Member) I go for WordPress. I don’t like Joomla. Reply With Quote #3 Dfiocch (Private Member) I use Joomla but I prefer WordPress. I use Joomla only because I see it as more “versatile” for my needs of “hard- coder” but it’s very heavy in fact of servers’ resource usage. WordPress, if you want a “lightweight,” powerful and expandable CMS. Reply With Quote #4 edgarf76 (Private Member) This is a good topic; I have wondered the same thing. A lot of webmasters say that Joomla is hard to learn but once you get used to it totally worth it. However, I wonder how it stands up versus the plugins that WordPress has. I use WordPress and love it; however, I have wanted to experiment with Joomla but I know it will be a big project. Reply With Quote #5 rod.collins (Private Member) I use both. Joomla is very versatile but complex and is not easy to set up. WordPress is relatively quick and painless; if I need specific (modifications) it’s pretty easy to have someone do them. Both have lots of plugins, both free and paid. Reply With Quote 33