GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 26 - October 2013

Words of wisdom from webmasters with wide-ranging interests They come from the USA – Tennessee and Colorado; Russia – Moscow; the U.K. – London and Essex; and Romania – Bucharest. Their sites run the online gaming gamut – horse racing, poker, bingo, sportsbooks – even a site that rates bookies. One of them has been betting on horses since he was eight. The Russian confesses he once almost fell asleep at a blackjack table in Amsterdam. The Tennessean proudly proclaims his ability to trounce his seven-year-old son in PlayStation 3 racing games. The Denver affiliate spends as much time as he can touring the world’s top breweries. By now we’re sure you’re hooked and want to read all the interviews, so we’ll leave you to it! *Due to space constraints, we could not print the interviews in their entirety. The complete text will be posted at GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES “Below average” players can earn you “above average” income When did you launch your sites? Our first site, Poker-Strategy.Org, was launched in Oct. 2003. The other sites we launched within a couple of years, but none have been nearly as successful. We bought nodeposit- from its original owner in 2007, and it is now the mainstay of our business. With the exception of the “No Deposit Ca- sino Bonuses” section of your No Deposit Bonus site, all four of your sites are to- tally devoted – in one way or another – to poker. Explain how you decided to go this route. I became interested in playing poker in late 2002 and stumbled upon a couple of $10 no deposit bonuses from Lucky Nugget Poker and Royal Vegas Poker. This was back when Lou Krieger was the celeb promoter at Royal Vegas. Neither site is active now. I had to buy strategy books to improve my game because I had a tough time finding good poker strategy sites to learn from. PokerTips.Org was really the only good pok- er strategy site that I could find before the first poker boom. As I turned my $10 no deposit into hundreds of dollars, I saw an opportunity to share my experience with a poker strategy site of my own. That’s how Poker-Strategy.Org came about. I was lucky enough to have a gam- ing friend, Bryan Metzger (BMETZ on the forums), who had the technical expertise to build websites, and so after an evening dis- cussion, a partnership of sorts was born. Interestingly enough, casino earnings make up the bulk of our monthly nut now. We did great with poker, being probably the first site to really promote no deposit poker bo- nuses, and having the first public rakeback deal (Absolute Poker 10 percent rake rebate, baby!). But with Black Friday and the fading popularity of rakeback, we saw the writing on the wall and started focusing on casino. You used to teach high-school history but tell us that you gradually morphed into a “poker player, promoter and online gam- ing marketer.” How did this happen, and how did you become involved in the in- dustry? I got into poker in college, while working on my degree in History/Secondary Education. My earnings at Royal Vegas Poker helped pay my college bills as I finished my degree. We launched Poker-Strategy.Org during my last semester of college. KEITH PSORG Age: 37 Hometown: Murfreesboro, Tennessee Favorite Food: Filet Mignon cooked to perfection on my own grill Must Read Book: So many to choose from, but being the son of a Baptist minister, I’m going to have to go with the Bible here. Sites: Poker-Strategy.Org Living in: Tennessee GPWA Affiliate Interview Series