GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 27 - February 2014

#18 TheGooner (Private Member) I’ve got a simple question for the social media users ... especially the affiliates who are posting regularly: Do ANY of you actually use Facebook/Twitter, etc., for your personal use regarding online gaming/gambling/or for recommendations? I ask because just like you guys I am creating content and getting the notifications posted, etc., but it seems pretty much a one-way street, to the point where many of our posts are actually automated. However, I don’t actually read our feeds very often myself (just to verify that it’s working) or use Facebook/Twitter for ANYTHING related to the industry at all. I find that it’s pretty pointless as searching is very basic and everything seems to be a very obvious affiliate hard sell. Just too obvious – I guess that’s the problem with 140 characters and short Facebook posts. Don’t get me wrong; I use Facebook for some contact with friends/ football teammates ... and Twitter for in-game match scores for local lower league games that are not covered on radio/TV ... but as far as affiliate pages go they’re all awful (including ours)! Is there ANYONE with a Twitter/Facebook feed that they personally run that they feel is actually worth reading? “ Reply With Quote #20 DanHorvat (Private Member) Originally Posted by TheGooner Is there ANYONE with a Twitter/ Facebook feed that they personally run that they feel is actually worth reading? Not me, but I worked with a guy who has a sports betting Facebook page which now has 86,642 likes, and he’s using it to promote two bookies he works for. He can say, “Anyone awake?” and get 50+ replies. He can publish ANY link and get at least 2,000 clicks in the next minute. I’d say that “What’s up, anyone awake?” or “Will CR7 score tonight?” beats publishing a non-engaging link with a new article. “ Reply With Quote 33 From the GPWA Forums