GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 27 - February 2014

Give them lemons, they’ll always make lemonade We searched far and wide for these five interviewees and eventually found them in Wales, Slovakia, Greece, the Netherlands and the U.S. – three men and two women, ranging in age from 22 to 44. This bunch will eat just about anything, including salmon, Italian food, Wiener schnitzel, chili con carne with half & half (!) and moussaka – and the only way one of them can cope with an out-of- control obsession for candy is to blog about it! Favorite getaway spots include Sweden, Las Vegas and the Greek islands. And what do they have in common? Well, they all love what they do and are eager to tell us about it right here. *Due to space constraints, we could not print the interviews in their entirety. The complete text will be posted at GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES No matter what happens, affiliate marketing always beats working for someone else When did you launch your sites? Loquax was launched in 1998, as a competition/ prize-draw/sweepstakes community site. We got into bingo around 2004 when we launched our first white label, Prize Bingo, and that was followed by partnerships with Jackpotjoy and the launch of Loquax Bingo. Other sites popped up – at varying levels of quality – but it was only at the start of 2013 that we finally began to con- centrate our efforts on gaming. Prior to 2013 our focus was always 90 percent “competition community” and 10 percent “the rest” – and yet it was the 10 percent that earned us revenue. The com- petition community was a huge success in terms of interest and traffic, but it took a lot of our time and resources with very little reward. We reached a point where it became unsustainable and took the big decision to focus our energies. In hindsight the direction we were going was pretty insane. How long did it take for you to start earning money? The first 18 months of Loquax’s life we didn’t really earn any- thing, but it was a part-time fun thing to do and we were winning prize draws (which is how the site originated). So a couple of holidays to Barbados for free, for example, more than made up for our outgoings. Our first real affiliate earnings came from a site called Uproar, which did quiz games. From that platform we start- ed earning with banners and eventually more mainstream affiliate marketing as networks started to evolve. Four of your five sites cover all things bingo, but the fifth, UK Casinos Online, covers just about everything except bingo. Explain the genesis of this site and tell us where it ranks (in traffic and revenue) among the other Loquax Games sites. Sadly it’s way down the list – but it’s something we’re working on (ac- tually we’ve been saying that for some time now). It evolved simply out of finding an available domain name and thinking we maybe should do something with casinos. Ideally it’d be nice to do more with it as it picks up little bits of traffic. How did you go frombeing a Geochemistry PhD to being involved in the gaming indus- try? I started my working life as a labora- tory technician, did a degree in chemistry and then my goal was to do environmen- tal chemistry. I completed my PhD in 1997 and stayed on at Newcastle University as a researcher. However, that eventually moved me out of the laboratory – where I really loved to be – and onto comput- ers. The Internet was new at the time and it became a more interesting distraction than science. Careerwise I wasn’t going anywhere so I looked to learn “websites” as a way out – Loquax was born and the rest as they say is history. Age: 42 Hometown: Portsmouth Living in: Llanelli, Wales Sites: Favorite Food: Chili con carne with half & half (half chips and half rice – I think it’s a Welsh thing!) Must Read Book: Taking Le Tiss – The Autobiography of Matt Le Tissier JASON loquax GPWA Affiliate Interview Series