GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 29 - July 2014

You received an English degree from Sheffield Hallam University in 2011 and also started a master’s in market- ing that same year at the University of Keele. How did you pull off working on two degrees concurrently? I graduated inNovember and startedmymaster’sde- gree just twomonths before this, so there wasn’t toomuchof anoverlap if I’mhon- est! I selected English studies for my un- dergraduate degree because it was a sub- ject that I always enjoyed and the course meant that I could focus on all aspects of theEnglish language and literature. However, throughout studying for my marketing master’s degree it became more apparent tome that I had found the perfect fit. Marketing allows me to show the originality and flexibility that I en- joyed so much about my English degree while giving a more structured frame- work inwhich to thrive. It was the chal- lenge of working toward a specific goal and enabling me to channel and direct creativity into quantitative results that I enjoyed. What did you know about the online gambling industry when you started? From living in Stoke-on-Trent I have al- ways been aware of the ever-expanding bet365 offices and so naturally presumed that this was indicative of the rest of the industry. Knowing that bet365 hadmade the decision to sell all their shops and fo- cus their approach to the online market was evidenceof the strengthanddepthof theonlinegambling industry. Clearly this was the right decision as the online gambling industry is thriving and continues to show significant growthyear on year. When bet365 made the decision tomove solely online it was regarded by many as a bold andbrave decisionwhich has obviouslypaidoffwithdividends. You recently changed roles within the company and are now a performance marketing manager, correct? What are your new responsibilities within that role? And how does it differ from be- ing an affiliatemanager? The new roles embody all aspects of our marketing re- sponsibilities to thebusiness.We cater for a range of channels outside of the tradi- tional affiliatemodel, and this is reflected more accurately by the new title, which also reflects further changes to the role thathavebeenmade internally.Naturally, a significant part of our role is maintain- ing andmanaging existing relationships, ensuring that we are working as closely andproactivelywith our partners as pos- sible; however, we also act as a point of contact for newer opportunities, either coming into the industry or simply look- ing toworkwith bet365 for the first time. The role is very expansive and therefore it opens itself up to many varied oppor- tunities. This is one of themost enjoyable aspects as everyday isdifferent. The “performance” aspect outlines the very nature of the industry; we’re forever looking at a breakdown of the statistics and seeinghow/wherewe canworkwith ourpartners inorder toassist them in im- proving their bet365 marketing efforts, which in turn will ultimately generate greater commissions. Didyou thinkaboutworking in thegam- ing industry when you were at univer- sity? It definitely crossed my mind – a few times, actually. As mentioned previ- ously, due to living in the local area itwas clear tome that itwas abusiness thatwas thriving, and I have a few close friends whoworked forbet365while Iwasatuni- versity. Theywere always really positive about the company and its opportunities. When bet365 first opened our call center inAustralia, for example, one of my best friendsflewover tohelp trainup staff. It’s reallyexciting tobe involved inanew set- up, and as part of an innovative and fast- moving companywe’re forever assessing new territories and looking to expand on our current outreach. Doyouhaveaparticulargamingvertical thatyou focusonordoyouworkwithall of bet365’s products? Due to the nature of the business, and our strong ability to cross sell between products, it means that a lot of the customers play multiple products. But my main focus is primar- ily casino. We have a high number of dedicated performance marketing man- agers, with the majority covering sports and the rest covering gaming (casino, bingo, poker and games). The structure works really well for us and means that there’s a specific point of contact for each affiliate campaign. Casino is a very important product to bet365 – attracting bothdirect casino cus- tomers and players who cross over from other products. Most recently, we’ve in- troduced a “Vegas” tab which hosts the newNetEntertainment releasesandwe’re forever looking intoways to improve the user experience. At bet365 Casino, players have access to over 250 games (including the latest branded slots) along with a leading live- dealer experience. Themarket is competi- tive, andwehaveadedicatedpromotions teamwho strive to cater to both new and existing customers. As a one-wallet sys- tem, we’re continually cross promoting during big events . . . so you can expect some big casino incentives during the WorldCup. bet365 did quite well at the recent iGB Affiliate Awards, earning Best Affiliate Program honors for poker, sportsbook and overall categories. What does that recognition mean to bet365? The iGB awards are hugely important to both our team and the business, providing a clear recognitionof our achievements andhard work. While we’ve held the title for Best AffiliateProgramOverall for thepast five years, more recent accolades such as the “Best PokerAffiliateProgram” reflect our increased efforts to improve all of our ex- istingproducts. Describetheofficecultureatbet365. The culture in the bet365 office is very much centered on working hard. Although we are a social bunch and you’ll probably hear us talking about our next team out- ing, that aside, everybody is very much focused on their partners (or discussing them), and so theoffice is constantlybusy with members of the department on the go whether they are hammering out e- mail, on the phones, off to internal meet- ings, off to seepartners or, currently, pre- paring for a conference. Within the office, who have you learned the most from since joining the indus- try? Andwhat are some of themost im- portant things thatperson taught you? I think that it’sdifficult topick just oneper- son as I’ve learned a great deal from each AFFILIATEMANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES HANNAHGREEN bet365 AffiliateManager Interview Series