GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 3 - January 2008

G PWA TIMES | Meet three amazing affiliate managers 3 2 What differentiates your brands, and, from other online casinos and poker rooms? and have been around since 2001 – the focus has been on the German market, hence why 99% of players are German. Our reputation, service and loyalty are what will make us No. 1 in other markets too. With concerns about security at poker rooms at an all-time high, what steps has your poker room taken to ensure that fair play is occurring? First and foremost, Boss Media does an excellent job at monitoring all poker play and catching unfair playing tactics. Our customer service team is truly focused on giving person- alized service. Therefore, we lis- ten to players’ concerns and it’s in our best interest to protect our players from playing in an unse- cure environment. We have a list of countries from which we do not accept players – we do not want our players inter- acting with players who are prone to bonus/play abuse. How did you get started in this business? I got into the business by chance, actu- ally. When I inter- viewed for the job I had no idea what an affiliate was and had never played in an online casino! But I obviously impressed someone as I started as Affiliate Executive a few weeks later, and here I am now, nominated for Best Affili- ate Manager! Whatsongsarecurrentlyonyour iPod (or mp3 player)? My iPod has such a variety on it! I love dancing and bopping around, so I have artists like Michael Jack- son, Aerosmith, Pink, Bee Gees, Queen, No Doubt, Texas…a whole variety of stuff! What are your three keys to success for an affiliate? 1.) Do your homework: know which brands have the best reputation and products in the industry, and which ones will work best for your players. 2.) Decide the aim of your site. Having a banner farm of as many banners as you can won’t work. Decide your target audience and provide detailed and direct information. 3.) Work with your affiliate managers. Not only will you get the best deal avail- able for you and your players, you will also know when your site is out of date and new products are launching, which will work well for you. has chosen to pursue a no negative carry-over policy. Why was this important to you? This is important as af- filiates work very hard to bring players to us. If the players win, this isn’t the fault of the affili- ate – it’s just a lucky player! We don’t agree with penalizing the affiliate for something which is out of their control. What do your brands do differ- ently that helps with conver- sions? We have a very experi- enced Director of CRM and his team’s objective is to offer the highest value possible to players and affiliates alike. We take care of players on a personal level, and taking care of our play- ers will ensure great returns for our affiliates – hence why our CRM team is dedicated to offer- ing custom promotions such as tournaments for our affiliates to work with. How does help webmasters localize theirmarket- ing efforts? provides localized banners, landing pages and copy to af- filiates. Our CRM team is com- mitted to offering promotions that are suitable for a specific market and shares these views. We under- stand the need to deliver mate- rials that fit the region/country that the affiliate is working in. What’s the first concert you at- tended in person? Oh no…I am such a girl - It was Christina Aguilera! I am so lazy when it comes to booking stuff like that, I always miss out on anyone great! What’s the key to building suc- cessful relationships between affiliatesandaffiliateprograms? I think the most successful way to work with affiliates is to be honest, open and work as a team. For example, if you can offer more but don’t want to, then tell the affiliate no! No, seriously, I believe you work together in a partnership. It can’t work as a one-way relationship as far as I am concerned - you both need to be open to working together and achieving the same goal. What was your favorite subject in school? And why was it your favorite subject? I wasn’t really a fan of school – all that study- ing and no play?! I was a fan of lunchtime! What’s your favorite food? Ooo…difficult one! I have such a sweet tooth, and love junk food; however, a cucumber sandwich beats everything else to the No. 1 spot! Claire Leighton | Affiliate Club’s Claire Leighton: When things get crazy, have a cucumber sandwich.