GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 31 - February 2015

You joined the bet365 team almost two years ago. What lured you to our industry, and specifically, what was attractive about signing on with bet365? I had recently graduated from Birmingham City University with a de- gree in visual communication. I studied a variety of subjects including marketing, advertising and more predominantly, graphic design. I have always been aware of the growth and development of bet365 — and had of course held my own bet365 player ac- count, which I would regularly use to bet on in-play tennis, along with the occasion- al soccer bet. When the opportunity arose to begin a career as an affiliate manager with bet365 I was extremely interested. Now, almost two years on, my role has now developed into “performance marketing manager” due to the mass of varied marketing op- portunities we work with on a daily basis. Given your educational background, with degrees in visual communication and graphic design, do you have an outlet for your creative energy in your current position? I have always been interested in art and anything visually creative. I am able to execute my design skills by working closely with partners on their websites. When any of our part- ners are faced with having to make de- sign decisions — this seems to come up almost on a daily basis — I am able to confidentially offer my opinion and po- tential alternative ideas. What part of your job do you love doing the most? There are many aspects to my job that I enjoy, including being a part of such a big and varied team. If I could only pick one aspect it would have to be the daily communication with my affili- ates. Whether through e-mail, phone calls or face-to-face meetings I always enjoy hearing what our partners have been up to, while also discussing new initiatives for both their site and the promotion of bet365. Following this, it is then great to see the development of partners both overall and month to month. In addition to this, the regular iGaming af- filiate conferences are a personal highlight as I am able to meet with many of my affili- ates along with any new potential partners and other professionals within the industry. bet365 has a huge team of performance marketing managers who work with af- filiates. Do you have a particular focus in terms of region or gaming vertical? Within our team, roles are either sports- book or gaming focused, where we each work with partners globally. I personally predominantly work with sportsbook-fo- cused partners, but will occasionally also work with gaming opportunities due to the crossover of these products from our customers. This structure works really well for us which I believe to be proven through our five consecutive years of Best Overall Affiliate Program along with our individual product and manager awards received at this year’s iGB Awards. What's it like to be part of such a large team? We all get on great and work really well as a team. While we do all have our own specific base of partners we are always aware of each other’s successes and will often share any strategies we found to work well. As mentioned earlier, each manager is responsible for a certain amount of part- ners specializing in a specific product which can mean that a lot of our work is done alone, but there are still many times where we need to pull together as a team. Describe your typical day at bet365. I don’t think I could describe a “typical day” at bet365 as this can vary from day to day. Some days can be spent predomi- nantly sending e-mail or making phone calls discussing recent results of affiliates’ accounts along with our next strategic step. Other days can be spent out of the office in meetings with a number of affiliates across the country, which certainly keeps you on your toes. This being said, one thing that you will see on a day-to-day basis from both the bet365 performance marketing team and its partners is determination to continually drive results. It's one thing to bring in new people to a site. It's another thing entirely to get them to stick around. What does bet365 do to retain customers sent by affiliates? bet365 has a very strong product, which alongside our competitive odds, exten- sive in-play markets and live streaming, works extremely well in the retention of customers. In addition to this we also of- fer a wide range of retention promotions across all products such as our 100 per- cent Euro soccer bonus and our ever-pop- ular bore draw money back offer. In ad- dition, for casino we reward our regular players with our VIP scheme. Players earn comp points the more they play, achiev- ing bronze, silver and gold status. bet365 also has a great customer retention management team which works extreme- ly hard. This, coupled with our strong brand, ensures our customers continue to return, deposit and bet, allowing our af- filiates to enjoy a high player value. We appreciate all of the work our partners do to continually drive new customers to bet365 and we therefore find it only fair to work just as hard to ensure we maintain these customers — an effort the success of which is shown in the company’s year-on- year success. Describe the office culture at bet365. If there were a fly on the wall, what are some of the topics of conversation it'd hear about at the water cooler? As men- tioned earlier, we are a big team with dif- ferent personalities, although we do all genuinely get on reallywell. Conversations at the water cooler can vary from anything from last weekend’s antics, to any upcom- ing plans, to anything work related. We all knowhow to have fun and love catching up on a Monday morning, while at the same time we are all highly committed to our job, and discussions on any particular on- going projects are always a common topic. You were one of a number of bet365 employees to climb up Mount Snowdon, the highest mountain in Wales, over the summer. The group raised more than £4,500 for the Donna Louise Children's Hospice Trust. Tell us about the experi- ence, and why did you choose this char- AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES LAURA CLARKE bet365 Affiliate Manager Interview Series