GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 33 - October 2015

Looking for the top spot on edgarf76’s sites? Communicate well, but don’t be pushy! After looking at your username, some members of the GPWA editorial staff were convinced that your name was “Ed Garf,” while others asserted it was “Edgar F.” Believe it or not, this was a topic of debate for some time. Turns out none of us were correct, and your given name is actually Brian. Can you explain the genesis of your GPWA username? I used to get mail addressed to some guy named Ed Ferrara. I didn’t want to use the exact name so I used the pen name Edgar. How did you become involved in the on- line gambling industry? What was your first site? How long was it before you started launching additional sites? The first sites our company had were ink and toner review websites and K-Cup coffee review sites. The first video game review site we had was , back in 2010-2011. Most people think our company’s first review sites were and . We were working with , and , and one day we started to look for video games and could not find any. This is when we started to look else- where for good video game companies that were listed outside of . Your sites range in focus from sports betting to casino to poker and bingo. What gaming vertical tends to be your most lucrative? Which vertical (and which sites) do you enjoy working on the most? That is a tough question to answer because things are very seasonal, especially with fantasy sports betting. We like the Facebook bingo games and are seeing an increase in their Internet mar- keting revenue. I like working on all of the niches; I just love building brands. Marketing has al- ways been my thing, so I just continue to expand and have fun. What in your mind are some of your sites’ unique selling points? How do you stand out from the crowd? The biggest unique selling points are great content, in my opinion, followed by a good social networking campaign. It is hard to stand out from the crowd. I would say my focus is on building content, so when I outrank competition people bookmark our sites and come back and share us socially. You have several sites that target Canadians, and others geared for an American audience. The Canadian mar- ket is less gray than the American mar- ket, but Canada’s population is only about 10% as large as the USA’s. What are your observations of these two large North American markets? I like the Canadian market as it is less gray. Our goal is to comply with all laws 100% in all states and countries. You also have a number of sites focused on mobile players. What steps have you taken to optimize your sites for mobile? Have you seen traffic to those sites in- crease or decrease in the last year? Yes, the majority of the traffic is mobile and tablet. I made sure our sites were respon- sive way before (Google’s) mobile algo- rithm on or about May 20, 2015. We use Flytonic WordPress templates and try to GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES edgarf76 Brian AGE 38 HOMETOWN USA LIVING IN Montreal, Canada FAVORITE FOOD Shrimp and broccoli MUST-READ BOOK The Discourses by Niccolò Machiavelli and Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill SITES playrealmoneyslots.american- … and many more Brian shows off a trophy he won for being the top listing real estate agent for the month. GPWA Affiliate Interview Series