GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 33 - October 2015

This automotive engineer is racing ahead . . . in the binary affiliate market! You launched earlier this year. How are things going so far? Good, but it took a bit longer than expected as I sent my website for a check for language and design. By the way, GPWA members gave good tips to make the website look better, so thank you! I have already earned money from ; the site launched in May and got its first deposit in July, so I am pretty happy with how things are going. Most of our readers work with more tra- ditional gambling affiliate programs. Can you provide a quick explanation of how binary markets work for those who aren’t familiar with the concept? To be honest , it is very similar to gambling af- filiate programs. I personally started with poker, then casino , and after that I came to the world of forex and binary options. You just need to understand that , statistically , every trader is going to lose sooner or later, so CPA and rev share deals do vary. I al- ways went for deals where CPAwas higher than the minimum deposit. Always stick to old brokers (operating for two years mini- mum) who are licensed by a regulating body (for example, CySec). The manager should understand the market and try to be open and flexible about their deals. When did you first learn about binary trading? Did you start as a trader your- self? I always heard about it while work- ing with casino affiliates, but decided to get into the industry after the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference in 2013. We launched our website , helping peo- ple invest in forex. After eight months I realized that binary options is much bet- ter for earning as an affiliate and found a trader who helped me to understand the whole concept, and we started to promote binary options in Russian on our website . I don’t trade . I earned some pocket money by playing poker in the past. To be a de- cent trader you need around $10,000 and two years of training. You’re only one year out of university. Where did you go to school and what did you study? Straight after finishing school back in Estonia , I came to Leeds to get my master’s degree in automotive engineering. Loved participating in the Formula Student event, where you have to build your own car to compete against other universities. What are the most popular things to trade on the binary market? People tend to trade currency pairs more on turbo op- tions (60 - second time frame). How do current events affect volume on binary trading sites? When there’s big news about the value of Chinese curren- cy, or Apple releases a new product, do more trades occur? To be honest , I don’t analyze such data; our earnings as an af- filiate are almost always the same during the year. Is it easier to make money as a binary options trader or as a binary options af- filiate? Depends on how good a trader you are. My colleague earns around $300 a week by trading in his spare time. As affiliates we earn more, but you need to get a good client volume before you earn more than a trader. In your experience, what’s the typical player value of a binary options trader? How long is the typical player life cycle? It is not that easy to answer as we work with brokers who have minimum depos- its of only $10, which makes it hard to see and track a player’s life cycle. What I know for sure is that people lose about GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES MrBinaryAff Taras AGE 24 HOMETOWN Tallinn, Estonia LIVING IN Leeds, U.K. FAVORITE FOOD BBQ ribs and Russian Olivier salad MUST-READ BOOK My Life and Work by Henry Ford SITES GPWA Affiliate Interview Series