GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 35 - June 2016

After abandoning his plan to become a history teacher, this affiliate sold a site for €4.2 million just three years after launching it You’ve worked on both sides of the af- filiate industry, both as an affiliate run- ning your own sites and as an affiliate manager for Unibet for two years. Do you prefer life as an affiliate or as an affiliate manager? Going to work for Unibet as online manager for the Benelux was one of the best career decisions I’ve made in my life. In early 2013, I was just re-entering the affiliate world by launch- ing Two months later, at the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference, I wanted to approach Unibet to advertise their site, but there was no Dutch affiliate manager. So I thought, “Why shouldn’t I become that person?” My site wasn’t rak- ing in any profit at that point, and was still in the build-up phase. I couldn’t resist the experience of working for a monster in the iGaming world. Looking back, I think the experiences there were of tremendous value to me, not just on a personal level but also on a professional level, because I learned all about the affiliate landscape, deal creation and valuation, negotiating, SEO and all the other things that mean a lot on both the operator and affiliate sides. Unibet is a fantastic company. I had a lot of precious moments in my time there. You went to school to become a history teacher. How did you end up working in iGaming? Long story. My career path in my early 20s was typical of a young en- trepreneurial professional who wanted to have all sort of experiences before choosing his final path. History was and is a subject I love. The teaching blood I received from my father, but I don’t see myself as a born teacher. During my stud- ies I played online poker, and after that I launched my first affiliate poker site. That’s when the industry got me! You have been the managing director of Delta Markets, an iGaming affiliate and consultancy company, for three years. Delta Markets recently sold its affiliate websites and the associated accounts to Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) for €4.2 million. How did this deal come about? We didn’t sell all our sites. We sold the main site, a real cash cow and in the top three of the Dutch casino market: topca- Gokkastenspeelautomaten. nl,, and a small mobile site were included with the sale as well. The difference with these websites is that we still continue to work on them and rake in 50% of the revenues. I told GiG, Raketech and Catena Media at the London Affiliate Conference in January that I was open to a third party buying a big share or the whole thing. I was ready to make a big sale and wanted to secure my life financially. In February, talks with the three parties emerged via Skype. Catena (Optimizer Invest) and GiG were most interested. The guys from Optimizer Invest are very quick in their purchases, and invited me to Marbella in Spain to meet them. The first two bids were very, very low and not of interest. The last bid they made was pretty good and we kind of shook hands on it. Back home when I reviewed the contract, GiG called and I told them a deal was start- ing to materialize with Catena. GiG acted quickly after that, sending me a re- ally interesting proposal via e-mail. The next day I flew to Malta and in one day we sealed the deal. You can imagine that Catena was not happy at all. They made a last bid via the phone the same evening I was at GiG’s office. But the proposition from GiG for me was the most secure and deltamarkets Joris Dekkers GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES One small step for webmasters . . . This issue’s crop of affiliate interviewees is as diverse as the GPWA membership itself. We have webmasters from the Netherlands, the U.K., Romania and Russia, and while they have different backgrounds and their businesses differ in size and scope, they all find that working for themselves is best for them. Interestingly, three of the five hoped to be astronauts when they grew up! Read up on these high-flying affiliates, and make sure you say hello to them on the GWPA Forums, as well! *Views expressed in these interviews are those of the webmasters and do not necessarily reflect the views of the GPWA. Due to space constraints, we could not print the interviews in their entirety. The complete text will be posted on the GPWA Forums in the weeks following publication. GPWA Affiliate Interview Series