GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 35 - June 2016

We interviewed two energetic, enthusiastic affiliate managers for this issue of the GPWA Times Magazine : Geert Polmans of Netgaming Solutions and Qi (Jeff) Chen from bet365 Affiliates. Both love where they work, the variety of challenges they face working with affiliates and that no two days are ever the same. They both love sports (Formula 1 for Geert, soccer for Jeff), and they’re both fans of Tom Hanks’ work as an actor. But perhaps the most important thing they share? They both want to partner with hardworking GPWA affiliates! MEET THE AFFILIATE MANAGERS You joined Amsterdams Casino as a brand manager last fall. What drew you to this position, and how do you think things have gone over the last year? A good friend of mine has been in the busi- ness for a couple years, and it always drew my interest. When I got a tip for an open- ing withAmsterdams Casino, I didn’t hes- itate and went for it! I think we’ve made some improvements to the Amsterdams Casino website, and we’re also converting affiliate traffic better. There will be more interesting updates coming real soon! Before joining the Amsterdams Casino team, you were a content manager for an online retail site, Did you learn anything working in retail that has helped you transition into the gaming industry? I was on a team of five content managers. Working in retail at bestlist, and at my other previous jobs, has had its advantages whenmaking the switch to the gaming industry. There are a lot of simi- larities in the way a website should work and behave. Of course, it doesn’t translate perfectly, but lots of the same ideas work for both retail and gaming. You just have to make sure you adjust your approach to reach your audience. Tell us a little bit about the branding of Amsterdams Casino. Do you accept players outside the Netherlands? I think the name works well all over the world, since Amsterdam is well known all over the world! So I wouldn’t say we’re just there for a Dutch audience. We do ac- cept players from all over the world. We are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. We’ve been actively target- ing countries like the U.K., Germany and the Scandinavian countries. We’re seeing good results there, so I think these coun- tries will become a much bigger part of our player base. The site has English, German, Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish as language op- tions. Why did you decide on these lan- guages, and do you have any plans to expand to other languages in the near future? We decided on these languages based on our numbers. We see how we performwith players from these countries and other areas where these languages are spoken (e.g., German is also spoken in Austria). We currently have no plans to expand to other languages, but if we see any opportunities, I don’t see why we wouldn’t add more languages. The casino has been open since 2007. How important are longevity and repu- tation in the online gambling industry? We’re coming up on our 10-year anniver- sary next year! Longevity and reputation are definitely important. For players, a brand that’s been around for a while has a more trustworthy feel to it, which is, of course, very important in this business. Does Amsterdams Casino run its own affiliate program with Netgaming Solutions, or do you work with a third party? We’ve been using EGASS since 2013, which is developed by Network Media Services in Essex. And I must say, it works very well for us. Describe your role in regards to af- filiates. How much of your traffic is at- tributable to affiliates? I work with all Dutch-speaking affiliates. My colleague Alistair Sparrow handles most other affili- ates and is very keen to handle anything any affiliate needs. I would say about 40% of our traffic is attributable to affiliates. Netgaming Solutions offers affiliates lifetime revenue share of 25-35% de- pending on net revenue, with no negative carryover. Why did Netgaming Solutions decide on this commission model? The 25-35% is our default offer for affiliates. Most of our affiliates have a customized deal that is better than the default 25-35%. We also offer CPA and hybrid deals. To calculate net gaming revenue, you subtract a fixed 18% administration fee from gross revenues. Does that admin- istration fee cover all player bonuses? Or do bonuses for players also get de- ducted when determining net revenue? This fee does not include player bonuses. But player bonuses do not count as rev- enue or negative revenue until the play- GEERT POLMANS Netgaming Solutions AFFILIATE MANAGER INTERVIEW SERIES Affiliate Manager Interview Series