GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 36 - October 2016

This sports betting affiliate says blogging about his latest project has helped himself and the community Mark Taylor - WonderPunter it took just under two years to get to a level where we could actually run it as a business. You’ve been blogging about the progress of your new site, Casino Whizz, on the GPWA forums since January. Why did you decide to track that project pub- licly? Has doing so helped you or other GPWA members? I had seen so much information — most of it wrong or based When did you launch WonderPunter. com? How long did it take for it to start producing revenue? Wonder- Punter was launched in 2010 initially as a fantasy sports site, which came across a few problems due to a rogue SEO advisor we employed. The current site that targets the betting side of sports has been around since 2012. It started producing quite quickly due to the type of visitors we were attracting; however, on old methods, or even on what others had heard or read— that I wanted to show it was possible to build a site adhering to Google’s terms and conditions, and at the same time lay down a roadmap of progress on what to do, and not what to do. I am certain this has helped many affiliates, not just technically, but also withmotivation. I have come across a few sites that have used CasinoWhizz as their inspiration. And the end result?Amuch higher quality site that FACT SHEET HOMETOWN LIVING IN FAVORITE FOOD FAVORITE MOVIE SITES MUST-READ BOOK Colchester, U.K. Valencia, Spain Argentine steak Glengarry Glen Ross Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert T. Kiyosaki GPWA AFFILIATE INTERVIEW SERIES 50 W W W . G P W A T I M E S . O R G