GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 36 - October 2016

Previous Hall of Fame Inductees In addition to the esteemedAPCWHall of Fame, we have aWall of Shame where an array of dastardly politicians, media outlets and iGaming industry folks have been exiled for a variety of reasons over the last seven years. The list of Wall of Shame scoundrels includes casinomagnate SheldonAdelson,Australian SenatorNickXenophon, PokerStars, Newsweek, Caesars Entertainment andmanymore. To view the complete list, or to check out all past issues of the GPWA Times Magazine , visit the archive section at Rep. John Campbell October 2010 After initially supporting the UIGEA and other related legislation, Campbell became the very first APCW Hall of Famer when he turned his act around and voted in favor of Rep. Barney Frank’s Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act. Proposed in June 2009, the bill intended to “provide for the licensing of Internet gambling activities by the Secretary of the Treasury” and would have automatically created an ex- ception for poker in the UIGEA. Judge Jack Weinstein October 2012 Judge Jack Weinstein declared poker a game of skill in August 2012 – or he may as well have. At the very least, he said that poker is more a game of skill than chance, and called out the DOJ for using a witness during a prosecution who didn’t know a thing about poker and didn’t read any research from the experts. Judge Weinstein paved the way for other judges to come to the same conclusion about the game — although in the four years since this decision, fewer have done so than we’d hoped. New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie October 2013 Back when Gov. Christie vetoed a bill that would regulate Internet gambling in New Jersey, all hope seemed lost. But, in a surprising turn of events, he signed the bill al- most immediately after lawmakers made the changes to it that he had requested. This made New Jersey the third state to regulate online gambling. The governor believed that regulation and the associated revenue would be good for the state – and (spoiler alert) he was right. New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement June 2016 New Jersey has stayed at the forefront of the iGaming regulation movement. The state has made a good case for how well geolocation services can work, how it’s possible to prevent underage players from gambling and, mostly importantly, that there’s massive potential in the industry. To top it off, PokerStars made its reentry into the state’s market in March 2016, positively impacting the market and proving that the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforce- ment knows exactly what it’s doing. W W W . G P W A T I M E S . O R G 73