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each casino or slot game like a veteran

player would. Instead of listing what the

product has in a regular mundane way,

it’s taken for a real blast, and then results

are placed in the review. Apart from the

quality of what we produce, we also do it

in volume, aiming to cover every aspect.

Howmany employees do you have? Do

you use freelancers?

At the moment, we

are a team of five between the both sites,

but I don’t call them employees. They are

as much a part of the business as I am. We

never use freelancers. Everyone here is

part of the team. I try to search out people

with the same passion, but with a different

skill set.

Sports betting can be a tough busi-

ness, especially when your players

are doing well. How volatile are your

revenues from month to month?


tremely volatile. We always know that

this industry had been lacking. So, yes, I am

pretty sure it has helped GPWAmembers

on various levels. Has it helped me? Yes,

it has. It has shown that we are serious in

what we do, and all the interest surround-

ing the site has given us an authority that

is noticed by programs we work with and

which allows us to negotiate much better

affiliate deals.

How did you get into iGaming affiliate

marketing? What did you do before? Are

you a full-time or part-time affiliate?


started off in the weight-loss industry. It

was very successful for some time, but I

saw iGaming as a much more lucrative

industry with bigger rewards. We are a

full-time affiliate. The number of hours

that go into the project is insane.

is predominantly

a sports betting site, but it also fea-

tures casinos and poker rooms. How

much traffic do the non-sports-bet-

ting sections of the site get? Do some

verticals do better than others?

At the

moment, the non-sports side of the site

gets around 20% of all traffic. It doesn’t

sound like much, but WonderPunter pulls

some decent-sized traffic. We have actually

started to increase the casino section of

the site and will be spending time trying

to make it equal to the sports side. Poker

is something I have yet to push and really

just serves as an extra area for our existing

readers to explore.

Your main site is currently available

in both English and Spanish-language

versions. Do you have plans to add ad-

ditional languages at any point?


we reach the full potential of the English

sites, we will add languages by popularity.

What are some of your sites’ unique

selling points? How do you stand out

from the crowd?

On the sports side of

things, our betting predictions are very

precise. Our resident handicapper, Mario,

has a big following, and now a lot of our

traffic comes directly to our brand name

and whatever is being searched. Unlike

similar sites, we do not charge for our

picks. They are all completely free. For Ca-

sinoWhizz, we have a 10-year experienced

casino player and writer who goes through

How often do you get to see and inter-

act with other people in the industry?

Have you attended any conferences?

I speak to many guys over Skype or via

private messages on the boards. As many

know, I am always there to give out free

advice. For the larger affiliates, we speak

over Skype, and they usually complain

about something. I have not attended

any conferences yet as we rarely have

free time. I do plan to be in Berlin this

year, though.

What traits do you look for in an affili-

ate manager? How about in an affiliate


For the affiliate manager, it’s

their ability to customize the deal. We

never take the standard offering, as we

offer a little more than the average site.

Another area is time of responses and

their willingness to get things done. I

like the “Yes, yes, yes” type of manager.

With regards to affiliate programs, it’s the

same: the ability to adjust the program.

And one thing I cannot stand is chasing

late payments.

What prompted you to join theGPWA? How

has it helped you?

It was initially to find out

what the good programs were, and yes, the

GPWAhas helped me a lot over the years. A

lot of questions regarding the problems I have

had have been answered by another affiliate

who had experienced a similar problem.

What do you like about the industry?


sounds shallow, but the financial side of

it. It’s very lucrative. But also the freedom

of working for myself. What’s better than

seeing the fruits of your labor pay off?

I wish I could replicate myself. As many

owners know, it’s hard to find someone

like yourself to take on responsibilities.

If they do exist, they are usually already

in competition with me.

the off-season (July to September) is our

lowest, and we are always prepared for

it. However, due to the type of play-

ers that WonderPunter appeals to, we

have picked up some very high-depos-

iting players. On the

flipside, they also

make massive bets — six figures per

week — so you can end up in the red

pretty quickly, and unlike casino pro-

grams, most sports programs have neg-

ative carryover.

Do you bet on sports yourself? What’s

your favorite football team?

I sometimes

have a flutter, but it’s very rare. My favorite

team is Real Madrid, which is where our

company is based.

W W W . G P W A T I M E S . O R G