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I am also a big fan of online poker and

have won a few big tournaments at Pok-

erStars. But playing poker professionally,

or semi-professionally in my case, is a

full-time job, so I find myself playing less

and on more of a recreational basis now.

I do like to gamble in brick-and-mortar

casinos. Las Vegas is one of my favorite

destinations, and I made my fourth trip

there this summer. I also have plans to go

to Monte Carlo this year.

How often do you get to see and inter-

act with other people in the industry?

Have you attended any conferences?


am a regular at the industry conferences,

and do enjoy them a lot. I mostly attend

the bigger and affiliate-related events. I

still remember my very first conference in

Budapest. I believe it was back in 2009. I

was literally blown away.

Some of the industry people I met there

are still my friends today. And this is

one of the reasons I like these events so

much: You get a chance not just to discuss

business in a semi-casual way, but you

get to meet people from all these differ-

ent countries and learn about different

cultures. That has definitely helped me

grow as a person.

What traits do you look for in an affili-

ate manager? How about in an affiliate


Personally, I don’t do much

marketing these days. We have our dedi-

cated marketing team, run by our lovely

marketing manager Melanie Attwell.

Nonetheless, theAMhas to be prompt and

accommodating, and must knowwho we

are and what our sites are all about.

A perfect example of AMs not doing their

job would be not understanding LCB’s

business model. So, if we tell them we

provide a value to our visitors in terms

of free bonuses, exclusives, rewards and

other promotions, and if their reply is that

they can’t do that but they can offer some-

thing else, it is obvious that we will be less

than happy to send them traffic. If anyone

knows our traffic that would be us, so if an

AM wants to get the traffic from us, they

need to meet our needs and do what we

require of them.

We also need AMs to register at our fo-

rum and be there to assist our members

and represent their brand. Again, a big

part of our business model is to help play-

ers with their issues and complaints, to

mediate between them and our industry

partners. This is why it is crucial for AMs

to understand this and be present at our

site. This is also a good PR for them, as it

is saying they care about their customers,

especially keeping in mind that LCB has

the biggest casino forum online, with over

84,000 registered members.

From an affiliate program, we are looking

to be transparent, have real-time tracking,

and pay us on time with no issues or ex-

cuses. They also need to offer us the deal

we want, stick to it, and not change it sud-

denly and retroactively. Plus, it has to be

an honest affiliate program and not cheat

the players. Otherwise, we



them on our site.








Kotor, Montenegro

Belgrade, Serbia

Sushi, dumplings

Nik knows how to

make friends at a party.

W W W . G P W A T I M E S . O R G