GPWA Times Magazine - Issue 37 - February 2017

Edward Ihre | Ihre Consulting, Codeta/Codetaff You founded Ihre Consulting in 2010, and Codeta this year. Why did you decide to found Codeta? It was for a number of reasons. I would say that the ambition to potentially start our own operations has always been there. Before setting up Ihre Consulting, I worked in various senior positions with a number of operators such as Ladbrokes, PokerStars and bwin, to name a few. Over six years of Ihre Consulting and of working with over 150 operators and clients on a global scale, we always had our ears close to the market in terms of trends, strategies and executions of the same, and, by doing so we identified gaps in that same market. Adding to that, I am very good friends with the founders of Evolution Gaming, so I have been paying close attention to their remarkable development over the last 10 years. In addition to all of these factors, my older brother, Christian, hap- pens to be the founder and CEO of Lynx- eye, an international brand consultancy agency. He has been poking me that we should do something together, since we believe that the iGaming market is miss- ing proper brands with clear positioning in the marketplace. Affiliate Manager Interview Series 68